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  • Posted in thread: Cider Press Cloth on 09-22-2015 at 11:10 PM
    i bought a nylon mesh laundry bag at walmart for about $1.60 and it works great!

  • Posted in thread: Adding fruit to cider on 09-24-2014 at 01:46 AM
    I've used raisins, cranberries, and oranges in the secondary all with good results!

  • Posted in thread: Home Scratter on 12-06-2013 at 01:36 AM
    unless you want something "authentic", i think my garbage disposal grinder works great. it has
    a 1HP Waste King 8000 grinder, and custom made stand, bowl, switch, and outlet

  • Posted in thread: Alcohol content on 12-06-2013 at 01:25 AM
    are you misreading the hydrometer? after the sugar ferments out SG should be near

  • Posted in thread: Cider Yeast Comparison Article on 11-24-2013 at 01:12 AM
    interesting read, but considering how scientific and controlled it is, i'm surprised they
    missed one thing - having 10 cider makers make cider with 10 different yeasts. i would bet that
    10 cider maker...

  • Posted in thread: Fresh Juiced Cider and Wild Yeast? on 11-08-2013 at 12:52 AM
    seems strange that the natural yeast took off so quick, my naturally fermented cider took about
    two weeks to make a bubble or two. i guess i'd just let it keep going and see what

  • Posted in thread: help with out yeast old fashioned natural brew on 11-08-2013 at 12:49 AM
    i would imagine that grampa just let it ferment until the yeast fermented all the sugar out,
    and then died or went dormant and dropped to the bottom of the carboy. no need to stop the
    yeast if all of ...

  • Posted in thread: Cider slowww ferment on 11-02-2013 at 01:18 AM
    i skipped the pectic enzyme in my home-pressed cider because i felt that wouldnt be
    "natural"... fermented just fine with wine yeast, but the natural yeast fermented the juice
    pretty slow.conrad

  • Posted in thread: Kind of bland cider - advice? on 10-29-2013 at 12:26 AM
    Yea, i do wish we had some tarter apples in the mix. next year we'll have to make sure of
    that.the cider has been in the carboys for 5 weeks, and they finished most of the fermenting
    after about 2 wee...

  • Posted in thread: Still or Carbed? on 10-28-2013 at 11:30 PM
    still! back in the early days of cider they didn't have kegs and compressed CO2, so i like to
    recreate what was drank "back in the day"...conrad