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  • Posted in thread: Am I trying to go Too Big? on 03-06-2011 at 03:54 PM
    I think he meant big in the sense of high gravity, not batch size.

  • Posted in thread: PH Questions on 03-06-2011 at 04:58 AM
    I was mostly logging the TA readings for future reference, but if it doesn't correlate... one
    less thing to do. Still, I'd be interested in at least knowing what this other method is, just
    because it'...

  • Posted in thread: PH Questions on 03-06-2011 at 02:53 AM
    interesting, though he says "White ... devised a new method of measuring TA in honey that
    bypassed the reaction." Any info on what that method might be?

  • Posted in thread: PH Questions on 03-06-2011 at 12:41 AM
    Since you're using Schramm, try his titration method, page 68. It takes a bit more effort but
    it's not hard, I don't even bother converting it, just log how much NaOH it takes, 5.5-6.5 mL
    is typical f...

  • Posted in thread: Am I trying to go Too Big? on 03-05-2011 at 11:49 PM
    Is that 5 pounds of honey in one gallon? Yeah, that's way too much sugar concentration. Think
    the highest I've ever gone is 3.5 pounds/gallon and that was kinda sluggish, plus it's into
    cider. Do you ...

  • Posted in thread: Sourdough Cherry Melomel on 03-05-2011 at 08:59 PM
    So this is just kind of a crazy experiment, since I've been reading about kvas lately, which is
    a soft drink made with bread :drunk:. Asked about it on the soda forum and was pointed to a
    blog that ta...

  • Posted in thread: Kvas, Russian bread soda on 03-05-2011 at 01:55 AM
    Has anyone here ever made kvas? I'm thinking of trying it, though I've never done any sodas
    before. Looking for any tips or interesting additions; raisins, berries, and mint seem to be
    the common ones...

  • Posted in thread: Dark Night of the Soul Russian Imperial Stout on 11-09-2010 at 05:56 AM
    So I'm 24 hours into my second batch now. This time I milled my own grain and got 1.124, so my
    efficiency isn't too bad now, could have gone slightly finer though. Also, got rye malt instead
    of flaked...

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  • Posted in thread: Pics of my 48qt Cooler MLT I just built on 10-31-2010 at 06:24 AM
    Use a ~1/4" drill bit and put it onto the rollers until they're all torn up, took me about
    about 10 minutes. If you hold it at the right angle the rollers will spin around. You should
    end up with a si...