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  • Posted in thread: sour Yogurt Smell! on 05-01-2015 at 07:02 PM
    hmm ok update well it seems everything stopped!no bubble on airlock i can see small co2 bubble
    inside and its look like beer+yogurt mix rofl!probably too many yeast still flowing
    around.gonna wait for...

  • Posted in thread: Still bubbling on 04-30-2015 at 08:16 PM
    How much did you move the fermenter as you were preparing to keg it? I've had a couple of beers
    hold on to a good amount of dissolved CO2. In fact, the last pale ale i did, looked almost like
    I had ju...

  • Posted in thread: All-in-ones - the future of homebrewing? on 04-29-2015 at 08:16 PM
    I just don't see it, especially for the cost, taking over the homebrew world at all. I do see a
    good market for them though, if they can find a way to hit it. Seems to me that for the most
    part, Homeb...

  • Posted in thread: Importance of temp Control after Krausen has dropped? on 04-28-2015 at 03:00 PM
    My first homebrew was fermented too high, probably 75ish degrees or so. (before i knew about
    temp control, so didn't bother with taking exact temps, room was at 70,) I would have to look
    at my notes f...

  • Posted in thread: When to take initial hydrometer reading on 04-26-2015 at 02:34 PM
    Yes taken when you have cooled the wort down to pitching temp. Don't forget to adjust for
    calibration though. Most hydrometers are calibrated at 60 degrees, so check your adjustment

  • Posted in thread: Taste Test = HORRIBLE on 04-24-2015 at 02:44 PM
    1) i'm fine with being helpful and informative, as long as it's truthful. 2) it's 11:34 pm
    here, therefore i've been drinking for some time now, therefore my attempt at pointing out a
    non-truth in a h...

  • Posted in thread: Foggy and greyish beer? on 04-24-2015 at 02:51 AM
    Just a thought, but how fresh were your hops?I did brew a pale ale one time where the hops I
    used were a little past their prime. The beer wasn't terrible, but never looked like any beer
    I'd ever brew...

  • Posted in thread: Move from extract to all-grain brewing on 04-23-2015 at 05:11 PM
    I'm not into AG brewing yet, but my LHBS sells grains and has a mill right there in the store.
    Is this a luxury I will learn to appreciate later? Do many LHBS not offer grains in house? Or
    does buying...

  • Posted in thread: May 2, 2015 - National Homebrew Day on 04-23-2015 at 04:56 PM
    Coaching softball. It's opening day for my daughter's softball team that I coach. Pictures in
    the morning, parade at 1:30 and game at 5. Happens every year. Plus, I'm missing the only Beer
    Festival th...

  • Posted in thread: Pitching yeast Question on 04-23-2015 at 04:54 PM
    If a gallon or so of top off goes in first, & is ice cold to finish chilling the wort down to
    pitch temp, then how is that good for the yeast? I rehydrate in 80-90F water for 30 minutes.
    But water chi...

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