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  • Posted in thread: Ok I finaly did it. on 06-01-2011 at 07:34 AM
    I just broke down and bought a chest freezer and temp controller mostly going to do ales I know
    I want to hit a wort temp of about 69 degrees but what temp should the temp controller be set
    to? I am g...

  • Posted in thread: Hops description on 04-09-2011 at 08:27 PM
    I like ipa's so I am trying to learn about hops. There are three main descriptions one I can
    figure out. Citrus is going to be citrus tasting. The ones that arn't as clear to me are floral
    and spicey....

  • Posted in thread: Cleaning kegs and lines on 03-21-2011 at 05:45 AM
    Just finished my keezer. I have seen kits for cleaning lines but what I was planning on doing
    was using one step in the keg 3 gallons of water and three table spoons. Setting it upright for
    5 mins fli...

  • Posted in thread: Give meet descriptions... on 10-19-2010 at 08:03 PM
    Usually wait a week to bottled and 3 weeks in the bottle.

  • Posted in thread: Give meet descriptions... on 10-19-2010 at 04:16 PM
    Well a year ago I started to drink a ton of craft brews so I would think these would be closer
    to what I am trying to brew. So I don't think it's that I am just getting used to home brews.
    Ok so I dri...

  • Posted in thread: Give meet descriptions... on 10-19-2010 at 06:36 AM
    What does green beer taste like? What would a yeast flavor taste like? What does a beer that
    was bottled before it was done fermenting taste like? What does infected beer taste like? All
    my beer seems...

  • Posted in thread: Halloween... on 10-17-2010 at 06:39 AM
    Has anyone ever fermented table sugar with bread yeast? Not for beer but for hunch punch.

  • Posted in thread: right way to add fruit? on 10-09-2010 at 05:16 AM
    Hold up last time I tried fruit I add it in the boil at 15 mins. to go instead of hopping and
    my 2 gallon experiment disappeared faster than any other beer I have made.

  • Posted in thread: carbing on 10-08-2010 at 04:49 PM
    My plan would be to carb the beer outside of my kegerator at room temp with corn suger just
    like I would when bottleing. Then put it in the kegerator when I run out of one of the other
    kegs. Keep mayb...

  • Posted in thread: carbing on 10-08-2010 at 06:45 AM
    Can I put my beer in a corny keg add dextrose and natural carb in the kev then just use co2 for