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  • Posted in thread: Specialty Irish Stout Ideas? on 02-21-2016 at 11:00 PM
    The Irish are fun, but their beer and food is boring. (although a full Irish breakfast is
    pretty intense)Irish stout is a great style, but it is simple and doesn't really lend itself to
    well to thinki...

  • Posted in thread: When is it too cold to brew outside? on 02-13-2016 at 01:12 AM
    In Buffalo, NY as well!!I do half batches on the stove, BIABDoing a 3 gallon batch of oatmeal
    stout as we speak.

  • Posted in thread: Boulder "Shake" Chocolate Porter on 02-10-2016 at 08:53 AM
    (kidding...)The thing I notice with Boulder Shake is the carbonation from the lactose (it's
    pretty "lasting" and doesn't go away quickly after you drink it). I'm wondering actually if
    they even use mo...

  • Posted in thread: I always find something i don't like about my beer on 02-10-2016 at 05:58 AM
    It's normal. You are being hyper critical.Just like when I give someone a beer and they say
    "Thanks, the beer was good"I want to rip my hair out. Good? Good how? What did you think of the

  • Posted in thread: Cocoa powder + nibs? on 02-10-2016 at 05:48 AM
    Yes, you can, and should use both to get the best of both worlds.For the cocoa powder:-I will
    heat up a small amount of water in a sauce pan and then slowly add the powder while whisking
    until I have ...

  • Posted in thread: Schell's Bockfest and Caramelizing your beer! on 02-10-2016 at 05:45 AM
    Not weird or new.We Germans call it Stachelbier.What you call the poker is the Stachel.Could
    you please elaborate? I searched it but everything is in deutsche.

  • Posted in thread: Triple Chocolate Milk Stout - Chocolate Lovers Only! on 02-04-2016 at 09:01 AM
    No roasted barley?Not really digging the color.

  • Posted in thread: Boulder "Shake" Chocolate Porter on 01-29-2016 at 12:48 AM
    You're crazy to think there isn't chocolate flavoring added to this beer

  • Posted in thread: Shock top twisted pretzel wheat on 01-05-2016 at 05:01 AM
    lolShock TopAnything other than the basic white type beer is just a wheat beer pumped full of
    artificial flavoring.

  • Posted in thread: Cold steep chocolate malt post-ferment? Adding chocolate flavor.. on 12-17-2015 at 11:11 AM
    Are you looking for chocolate flavor/aroma? If so, steeping chocolate malt ain't gonna do
    it.Since you can't get nibs, boil a bit of water then simmer and stir in 4-5 oz cocoa powder
    until you have a ...