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  • Posted in thread: Wiring help please, side-by-side fermentation/ kegerator on 11-19-2015 at 10:50 AM
    Yeah, I'm not sure about the wire size kgmac used since I never actually saw his build l. I can
    tell you on mine I did use the Ice Maker power wire for that very reason (a bigger wire) to
    power the he...

  • Posted in thread: My first attempt at a label. on 10-12-2015 at 04:57 PM
    Myself and a coworker decided to make an imperial stout, and add some irish cream essence to
    the bottling bucket. We want to have this for Christmas gifts, and we took some time and came
    up with this....

  • Posted in thread: Love Controller TSS2: Using 2 Temp Probes on 08-31-2015 at 04:02 PM
    I have a Love TSS2 that is capable of using 2 temp probes, but I don't think it will work the
    way I want. I think the way it is supposed to work is that 1 probe switches relay 1 (cooling)
    and the othe...

  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewSupply Amcyl Brew Kettle w/ 3-Piece Ball Valve Giveaway! on 07-28-2015 at 08:18 PM
    All In!!

  • Posted in thread: Summerville area brew shops? on 07-14-2015 at 05:30 PM
    No brewing at the Beer Engineer, but they have a lot of Grains and Malts to choose from that
    you can weigh and crush yourself.Here is the link to the website:

  • Posted in thread: Summerville area brew shops? on 07-13-2015 at 11:34 PM
    I second the Beer Engineer! You can't go wrong.

  • Posted in thread: New Brew Software! on 07-06-2015 at 07:49 PM
    Anyone know why fell off the face of the earth?

  • Posted in thread: Question on wiring/setup for 2-stage Inkbird in Collar on 06-29-2015 at 06:57 PM
    UT-Alex I gave you some bad poop. I apologize for my mistake. I was just looking at the colors
    of the wires you had going across those contacts and in my mind the grey was the neutral. And
    no electric...

  • Posted in thread: Question on wiring/setup for 2-stage Inkbird in Collar on 06-28-2015 at 08:41 PM
    Can it be wired to switch the hot instead of the neutral?Yes it can. Just take all of the blue
    wires and put them on terminal 1 and and make them the Hot (120v) wires and then take all of
    the Red wire...

  • Posted in thread: The Wiring to my EBIAB Element Fried - Help on 04-20-2015 at 02:10 AM
    Figure out what size wire you do have since 12 AWG is only good for 20 amps. If you have a 30
    amp breaker you should be using 10 AWG.


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