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  • I am retired, and finding little craft beer available in Costa Rica, I decided to become a home brewer. My taste buds perk up when exposed to hoppy ales, IPAs especially. The lovely MJ, a great cook, views brewing as just another phase of cooking, and is my assistant brewer.
  • Walking,reading,and home brewing
  • Retired
  • Jim Parish
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  • After moving to Costa Rica, I discovered that there were only a few craft beers available commercially, and those are hard to find. Right now I'm brewing extract brews with an 8 gallon brew pot, and a plastic fermenter. I don't secondary, and I am currently bottling. A two keg setup is very near in my future.
  • Next up is a West Coast style IPA, and a vanilla porter.
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  • NB's Plinian Legacy Double IPA
  • I have ordered kegging equipment which is being shipped next week, and I'm buying a freezer next week (November 2014). Keezer build upcoming!
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  • Posted in thread: Cold Break Brewing Microbrew Series Giveaway - Open to All! on 06-23-2015 at 02:34 AM
    Ooh, a new kit to try! I'm in!

  • Posted in thread: How tight for barbs on gas manifold? on 05-18-2015 at 08:10 PM
    Easy question for more experience brewers. I'm assembling my keezer. How far past hand right
    should the barbs screwed onto the gas manifold be? Half turn? Full turn? More? I don't want to

  • Posted in thread: What's your user name mean? on 05-13-2015 at 07:15 PM
    One of my roommates (10 of us) my sophomore year in college decided we all needed nicknames. He
    (House) decided mine would be Hook. Inasmuch as he was a lineman on the football team, and had
    more hair...

  • Posted in thread: The HomeBrewTalk 2015 Big Giveaway! on 03-12-2015 at 02:07 PM
    In! In! In!

  • Posted in thread: Spike Brewing 20 Gallon Sight Glass Kettle Giveaway! on 02-02-2015 at 05:25 PM
    I'm in!

  • Posted in thread: Slow fermentation? Confirmation question. on 01-11-2015 at 08:10 PM
    SafAle 05. I expected more vigorous activity. The wort smells fine, and from the small taste I
    had from the wine thief, the flavor will be very good. The hop schedule had only 2 oz of
    Chinook during t...

  • Posted in thread: Slow fermentation? Confirmation question. on 01-11-2015 at 04:51 PM
    I'm brewing NB's Chinook IPA. It is at 7 days in the fermenter today. I'm fermenting in a a
    water bath cooled by frozen water bottles, and ferm temps have been in the mid 60s all week,
    mostly 64 to 67...

  • Posted in thread: Lid Question for No-Collar Keezer on 01-10-2015 at 01:15 AM
    Beautiful build, mothprodd! What is the lid surfaced with? Looks like a single piece of stone.
    Heavy much? I like the simplicity.I'm planning to have a tower, though. My Frigidaire 8.8 cu ft
    will hold...

  • Posted in thread: RIMS hardware Kit and more Giveaway! on 01-05-2015 at 10:29 PM
    I'm in!

  • Posted in thread: EJ Beverage Ultra Barrier Silver beer line review on 01-05-2015 at 06:44 PM
    Thank you for this review, Rev. I am just now beginning to set up my keezer and will begin
    kegging when the IPA I brewed yesterday is ready 4-6 weeks from now. I had notice the comments
    about the plas...


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