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  • Posted in thread: Just got the new "Cereal Killer" Grain Mill on 01-20-2017 at 10:10 PM
    Any other comments about the longevity of the Cereal Killer? My Barley Crusher is over 5 years
    old and it is having trouble gripping the grain, I have to open the gap to get the grain to
    flow, but the...

  • Posted in thread: Frozen brew pumps on 01-20-2017 at 02:52 PM
    Like the previous poster, I loosen up the screws on the pump head so every bit of water will
    drain out. I suffered a couple of frozen impellers before doing this. Now it is just part of my
    routine, ev...

  • Posted in thread: RIMS tube layout on 12-19-2013 at 03:52 AM
    If the temp probe is right after the RIMS element, and that probe regulates the element, your
    temps should be very stable. Additionally, you need enough flow through the tube to get the
    mash quickly f...

  • Posted in thread: RIMS tube layout on 12-19-2013 at 03:19 AM
    You will want to be able to throttle the output from the pump, usually with a valve. But I do
    not think that you want to put the RIMS element before the valve. The way I do it is run the
    mash output t...

  • Posted in thread: Question about GFCI Spa Panel on 08-31-2013 at 12:03 AM
    P-J, thanks! As usual, your reply is very helpful. Your insight and participation on this forum
    is very appreciated. Brent

  • Posted in thread: Question about GFCI Spa Panel on 08-30-2013 at 04:23 PM
    Our LHBS sponsors a big brew day on a public plaza in downtown Grand Rapids. I'd like take my
    electric rig to this event next spring, however, I doubt that the 240V, 50A circuit I could use
    is protect...

  • Posted in thread: Mini-ITX MB incorporated into BCS Control Panel on 07-08-2013 at 02:28 AM
    Did you progress any further? Just ran across this thread, I just picked up a 20x20 panel super
    cheap and could incorporate something like this.

  • Posted in thread: Plate Chiller Setup on 11-12-2012 at 09:43 PM
    Hey guys, I have decided to just use standard garden hose connectors on my 40-plate chiller.
    Who has those for purchase? I see that Bobby_M has his chillers already setup that way but I
    did not see th...

  • Posted in thread: Decoction brewing : Does it change the taste of beer a lot ? on 08-29-2012 at 03:41 PM
    I have done only three or four decoctions and I thoroughly enjoy the process. As mentioned
    above, I'm not certain it adds a lot to the final result, but I love the process as much as the
    final result....

  • Posted in thread: Plate Chiller Setup on 05-23-2012 at 08:42 PM
    Very nice idea using the Camlock A directly on the chiller. I put a Tee on the output, then a
    Camlock F on the Tee. Yours is a better solution, I'll be switching mine to match.The nice
    thing about the...