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  • Posted in thread: Need 1st mead recipe. Must be Sweet! on 12-20-2007 at 02:40 AM
    I used 15# of clover honey in 5 gallons of water, with white labs sweet mead yeast. bottled
    with corn sugar, and is now 2 months old. it is 11.68% ABV, nice and light but not too dry, and
    just getting...

  • Posted in thread: No activity after 48 hours on 12-20-2007 at 02:20 AM
    If you are using a store bought Apple cider to start this, check your label. If the cider
    contained any potassium sorbate your yeast is dead, and the batch is shot.

  • Posted in thread: My 1st Mead w/ questions on 12-10-2007 at 06:32 PM
    I did 15 lbs of honey to 5 gallons of water which gave me an OG of 1.101 it finished at 1.012
    and that was using White labs sweet mead yeast.

  • Posted in thread: Cider wont start fermenting on 12-09-2007 at 05:30 PM
    Actually, now that I re-racked it has started pushing...I'm just so used to beer or mead, which
    I have found is usually a much more busy fermentation. It seems to be moving along now though.

  • Posted in thread: Cider wont start fermenting on 12-09-2007 at 04:45 PM
    If I could get a little advice...I have a gallon that I put up to ferment 4 days ago. Nothing.
    My og is 1.062 I used a red star champagne yeast. it was well aerated.

  • Posted in thread: Greetings From Oregon on 12-04-2007 at 11:44 PM
    My name is Bryan, I'm from southern Oregon. I brew ales, and Mead, plan on getting into
    lagering at some point.