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  • Posted in thread: Homebrew Supply Keg System Giveaway on 03-02-2016 at 03:08 PM
    Zombie Dust Clone would be tasty

  • Posted in thread: BrewsBySmith 2 stage Fermentation Temperature Controller Giveaway! on 10-23-2014 at 03:55 PM
    I'm in

  • Posted in thread: Will I smell/taste cola in my beer from keg? on 10-09-2014 at 11:06 AM
    PBW and new seals and you'll be soda-free. I always keep a handful of keg seal kits around.
    They're only like $3 - which is a good investment vs a $30 batch of beer being ruined.

  • Posted in thread: Planning ahead for beers? on 10-07-2014 at 02:19 PM
    I work backwards. I look ahead on my calendar and choose dates that I want certain beers. I
    count back the right amount of time based on the beer and put a brew date on my calendar. That
    gets me about...

  • Posted in thread: 8 month aged beer on 10-02-2014 at 11:36 AM
    I've got a window of about 8 months. I would love to build a beer to age during that time
    frame.I've done aged barley wines, Imperial Stouts, Imperial Reds and a few sour and brett
    projects.I'm lookin...

  • Posted in thread: When is temperature important when in primary? on 09-06-2014 at 09:16 PM
    I thought after the initial fermentation was done (OG not moving any more) all that was really
    happening was the trub/yeast settling to the bottom thus "clarifying" the beer?They're also
    eating Diacet...

  • Posted in thread: When is temperature important when in primary? on 09-06-2014 at 01:32 PM
    The corner of my basement where I ferment gets quite cold in the winter as well. Ambient temp
    is around 52-53 at the coldest part of the winter. My standard practice is to ferment until
    activity has r...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop for 3 Days ... yes or no? on 03-24-2014 at 04:29 PM
    I tend to go longer. I would suggest splitting a batch up. Maybe move to 5 @ 1 gallon and try
    various lengths of time.

  • Posted in thread: Acid levels - Brett Trois on 03-20-2014 at 12:57 PM
    rsionId=wAtQOlKpLQFD6kpReKxgs_btZEJr2tSKI added some of the Sour Skittle syrup last night.
    Knocked the kr...

  • Posted in thread: Acid levels - Brett Trois on 03-16-2014 at 05:15 PM
    I fully expect this to be an ongoing project. I did 1.5# of skittles as a very thick syrup. The
    palm oil formed a skin on top - I'm going to remove that, i assume like any oil it'll
    drastically reduce...