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  • Posted in thread: general hop growing info on 04-13-2008 at 12:01 PM
    This is my first season growing hops as well, so I'm no expert, but I don't think you should
    wait that late to plant them. I'm in southwest Michigan and I put mine in the ground this week.
    According t...

  • Posted in thread: More Beer making up for yesterday's deal of the day on 04-02-2008 at 12:09 PM
    If you check the item number and price it matches the 26 gallon kettle. I think the 8 gallon is
    a misprint. I'm with the earlier poster who said they don't know how they would use it. A 5
    gallon batch...

  • Posted in thread: pH Stabilizer on 04-01-2008 at 05:11 PM
    I used it for the first time on my last brew and my efficiency went up a great deal. But I also
    did change a couple of other things, so I don't know how much the 5.2 had to do with it. I use
    RO water,...

  • Posted in thread: Brew a Shandy? on 03-10-2008 at 10:42 AM
    I could be wrong on this but isn't shandy a beer/lemonade blend? Making it something to be
    mixed together and not brewed.

  • Posted in thread: Hello from the palm of Michigan on 03-05-2008 at 11:45 AM
    Welcome.We really need more people from MI. :pI second both sentiments.

  • Posted in thread: Lagering on 03-04-2008 at 02:15 AM
    Groovy. I am in the middle of my first bock. I think I just tied up my lagerator for the next 8
    weeks, though. I guess I should brew up 2 or three 5 gallon batches in one day from now
    on.Yeah, the guy...

  • Posted in thread: Hops- What are you using now adays? on 03-03-2008 at 05:04 PM
    I am in a bind as my recipes call for Hallature or casscade hops. I found the Argentiniun
    Cascade at Midwest to be very Aromatic but what about the Hallature?What have all of the
    brewers here found in...

  • Posted in thread: Lagering on 03-03-2008 at 01:28 PM
    As the mistress said, it's really not any more involved than an ale. It does require additional
    equipment that your typical ale brewer might not have on hand. It's alot longer from brewing to

  • Posted in thread: Lagering on 03-03-2008 at 11:28 AM
    So I will be biteing the bullet and getting a chest freezer so I can keep my kegs cold and do
    some lagering. What temps are normal for lagering? I cant seem to find any real info on this.
    Maybe I am n...

  • Posted in thread: To start or not to start.... on 03-01-2008 at 02:21 PM
    It's a done deal, I made it last night, and it's bubbling away this morning. There is already
    sediment on the bottom, so after I brew today I just give it a good swirl and pitch away
    right?That's your...

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