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09-18-2008 3:46 AM


  • Tempe, AZ
  • Beginning homebrewer.
  • Skiing,horseback riding,hiking,camping,anything outdoors.
  • Engineer
  • Country western, rock, light opera
  • Harry Potter movies
  • anything on the Discovery Channel or PBS
  • I'm just starting out, trying to learn the basics.
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  • Posted in thread: Music Match on 09-18-2008 at 03:19 AM
    The Dungeon Penthouse Suite - The Rutabega

  • Posted in thread: Music Match on 09-17-2008 at 03:22 PM
    Mean Girls Make Mean Boys - Finding the Warren

  • Posted in thread: Can I make my own apple juice? on 09-15-2008 at 11:24 AM
    50 pounds of apples in 1 day I can't imagineYMMV.I was thinking of spreading it out over a
    couple of days at least. The juice should be okay stored in the fridge. Early on a Monday
    morning, buying jui...

  • Posted in thread: Can I make my own apple juice? on 09-14-2008 at 11:58 PM
    Thanks! That's a lot of apples! Also thanks for the tip on the additives. It does sound like
    fun though. Maybe for one of those cold Phoenix winter days-right?

  • Posted in thread: Can I make my own apple juice? on 09-14-2008 at 01:53 PM
    I have searched the forums and can't seem to find an answer this question. I just bought a
    juicer (latest get healthy scheme) and was wondering if I can make my own juice to use for
    EdWort's apelwein?...

  • Posted in thread: What's your favorite drive-through burger? on 09-14-2008 at 01:37 PM
    +1 for In & Out.But if you're ever in LA, give a Tommy's chili burger a try. You might want to
    pick up a little pepto afterward, but it's worth it.

  • Posted in thread: Your Ultimate Car on 09-14-2008 at 01:31 PM
    of course!

Peace, Love, and Beer
September 11, 2008  •  08:13 PM
Wonder what's under the kilt???? Well, I have always heard that good goirls don't ask, and bad girls find out for themselves, lol. I love that, glad your all for it!!! :D Nice to meet you mam.
September 11, 2008  •  11:51 PM
What about one of those Hummer Limos??? LOL or a city bus ;)
September 12, 2008  •  12:00 AM
A gentleman never tells ;) Now the girlfriend is a bragger not me, LOL.

I love we are getting so many cool chicks on the ******, you gals are great.
April 13, 2009  •  06:38 PM
Just noticed all the WortMonger flirting, that's pretty funny.=P