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  • Pilot, AG home brewer, married to the most beautiful size 0 in the universe! ;) Between her and my
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  • I have raspberries growing out back, played with the idea of making wine, then decided that beer was much more universal and allowed alot more manipulation!
    Almost everything I brew is my own original recipe, always been an AG brewer, jumped in head first!


  • Posted in thread: Morebeer on 02-13-2007 at 02:55 AM
    Wow, never shopped there, but thier prices are decent and there is free shipping on nearly
    everything! Perfect timing too, I need to spend hundreds to upgrade to 10 gallon equip. Anyone
    perhaps intere...

  • Posted in thread: Final Gravity on 02-13-2007 at 02:48 AM
    Yeah, it may still have a few points left... but it is close! My stout is in its second week in
    the primary, going to secondary in 4 days. MMMM I cannot wait to swipe a taste!Brewpilot

  • Posted in thread: John Palmer says aluminum is good. on 02-13-2007 at 02:46 AM
    Yeah, you need to search for stick pots, some are sauce pans and are low and wide.Breewpilot

  • Posted in thread: Dry yeast vs. liquid yeast on 02-13-2007 at 02:42 AM
    I am excited to make my new Heffe with the WLP300... I cannot wait! Anyone ever used the

  • Posted in thread: cooking on 02-13-2007 at 02:38 AM
    You can certainly use aluminum... First you will want to make sure there is a protective oxide
    (dull grey) coating on the inner surfaces of the pot though. Fill er up with water and boil it
    for a shor...

  • Posted in thread: Dry yeast vs. liquid yeast on 02-13-2007 at 12:49 AM
    Re read my posts, NEVER in this thread have I ever eluded to the fact that dry yeast is better
    than or equal to liquid yeast. If I have, please point it out, I cannot find it. In fact, I
    have stated t...

  • Posted in thread: SS false bottoms on 02-12-2007 at 08:00 PM
    That is why I am looking into the SS bottom... I have enough issues when I brew!Brewpilot

  • Posted in thread: Dry yeast vs. liquid yeast on 02-12-2007 at 03:23 AM
    Brewpastor, you crack me up. I have never seen anyone so imbalanced about yeast. Ha.... I have
    never said that DRY IS BETTER, I just dont think that NEVER using dry yeast because it is
    "inferior" is v...

  • Posted in thread: SS false bottoms on 02-12-2007 at 03:18 AM
    Yeah, I have always added my strike water, then added grains, so foundation has never been an
    issue. I am going to donate my 5 gal system to a friend that is interested in beginniing
    homebrewing. Luck...

  • Posted in thread: SS false bottoms on 02-11-2007 at 09:04 PM
    I am building a new 10 gallon mash tun from a beverage cooler. I have heard of multiple issues
    with the plastic false bottoms not being rigid enough, AND that there have been issues with
    them being to...