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  • I began with a brewers best kit and progressed from there. That was 6 years ago. Now a brew like a champ. My liver probably hates me. That or loves me. Not sure how that all works. I all grain brew. Each time I brew, I seem to learn something. Each time I drink when I brew, I forget something.
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  • Posted in thread: Devil's Ale Clone - SanTan Brewing Company on 04-23-2015 at 06:43 PM
    I'm also curious about this one. I'm in Az having a few of these this week. I noticed that you
    didnt put any wheat in it. That might help your malt profile/mouthfeel. Also, what if you
    bittered with C...

  • Posted in thread: Hard Arnold Palmer - (1/2 Sweet Tea, 1/2 Lemonade) on 01-10-2015 at 01:51 AM
    yes yes yes. Drinking a kill the golfers now. How long to you find the aging process to be. I'm
    a primary only kind of guy myself, so I'm good with that method. just curious how long it takes
    to be re...

  • Posted in thread: Flavoring with tea? on 10-28-2014 at 09:46 PM
    The peach wheat turned out fantastic. It needed rounding, so i added about 2 shots of peachtree
    to the keg. It ended up taking first place in our Oktoberfest competition. I'm convinced that
    this is th...

  • Posted in thread: Four Peaks Kiltlifter Clone on 10-28-2014 at 09:42 PM
    This turned out amazing. I used 8 oz beech smoked malt in mine. Sucking this down quickly.

  • Posted in thread: Boilermaker Mash Tun-WTF???? on 10-07-2014 at 12:24 PM
    Isn't that where this stuff becomes useful? will help, but probably not a whole lot when the
    weather gets down to 14 degrees outside.

  • Posted in thread: Boilermaker Mash Tun-WTF???? on 10-07-2014 at 12:23 PM
    I use a direct fired Blich MT, you definitely have to fire / recirc it several times in a 60 -
    90 min. mash, but have had no issues doing that. I don't use a pump, though.Without a pump, do
    you just h...

  • Posted in thread: Boilermaker Mash Tun-WTF???? on 10-05-2014 at 11:23 PM
    Okay, so a friend of mine bought a top tier system from blichmann. It has three kettles. We ran
    it for the first time today and made a 10 G batch. I had a lot of trouble keeping a consistent
    mash temp...

  • Posted in thread: Dave's Carmel Apple Cider on 09-23-2014 at 11:02 PM
    update. I kegged this on Sunday without putting any campden tablets or potassium sorbate in.
    Cold temp should be sufficient. I ramped it up for 24 hours on gas at 35 psi. It tastes great.
    Could use a ...

  • Posted in thread: Flavoring with tea? on 09-16-2014 at 12:01 AM
    I'm in the process of making a peach cobbler beer. I added 20 tea bags of "perfect peach" to
    flame out. I just racked it yesterday on to 8 lbs of frozen peaches. I was impressed by the
    flavor that the...

  • Posted in thread: Doughnuts / Pies in beer on 09-15-2014 at 11:36 PM
    I just mashed 10 glazed doughnuts (was a dozen, but I ate 2) and though I'd share my
    experience. The mash tasted great. Less doughnut than I thought there would be, but it was
    definitely there. I did ...

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