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  • Homebrewer since about 2005, I really like to experiment with my home brewing. Mainly pushing alcohol content and odd or not so usual ingrediants.
  • Homebrewer is obvious,music including guitar,bass and keys,gardening for hops and veggies
  • Nurse, EMT, Firefighter
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  • In a homebrewing group and was assigned a brew of my own using honeymalt and Mt Hood hops
  • Summer Kiwi Wheat< no kiwis were harmed in the making of this beer. I am using 3 Lbs DME Malt, 3 Lbs Wheat LME and 1 Lb Honey from a local vendor and Hopbursted with with 3 New Zealand hope (hence the Kiwi), Using 1 oz of the following Pacific Gem, Green Bullet and Super Alpha. Because of the High Alpha Acids I put these all in at the last 5 minutes of the boil to just get a bold Floral profile with no bittering quality. This will be a hoppy lawn mower beer.

    Scotch's Summer Slobber< this one is an oldy but a goody, Pale ale Malt all grain, and Dry Hopped Cascade and Glacier hops placed in after 1 week of fermentation. Nothing during the boil and nothing for the first week. This one is also given a dose of 4 fresh lime rinds that I use a micro plane to extract the peel on in the last 10 minutes of the boil. Gives it a great citrus profile between the hops and Limes.
  • Blueberry/pineapple Stout> Been in the secondary for 1.5 years now. Going to give it another few months before bottling so it is ready for winter next year.

    Also an Amber> Home roasted 2 Lbs of pale ale in the oven for a day on low to get a carmel malt and another 10 Lbs of pale ale as the base, then 1 Oz of magnum used at 30 minutes and 1 Oz of columbus at 10 minutes of the boil. 60 minute boil. Will be ready to bottle in 1 week. Made 2 months ago.
  • Just bottled Hop Scotch, This is a all pale ale lightly colored citrus flavored beer with hints of orange, and lime and grapefruit all from the hops profile and malt.

    Belgian banana ale, This is a true belgian but fermented at warmer temps to get that often off putting friut flavor, but was intended on this one to get the flavor which blends well with the 10%ABV.

    Brown Lager> which is a traditional brown just lagered, very clean flavor with a beautiful rich reddish brown hue. This beer is great with a full meal.

    Farmhouse ale> AKA Franken beer,(saison) using a funky grain bil from oats, barley, malt and wheat it is meant to be a lighter ale with full flavor and using belgian yeast, warmer fermentation and a long time in the secondary to calm the beer down.

    Winter ale, An amber/brown with a hit of orange peel, 2 whole cloves and tettang hops.
  • I do not keg for good reason, it changes the flavor profile of the beer, I used to and noticed when I kegged one portion of beer vs bottling the other I enjoyed the bottled better. If I need to serve large portions I use larger bottles, just takes a little preplanning.
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  • Posted in thread: Kiwi Wheat ale on 04-25-2012 at 05:00 PM
    FYI the beer is called Kiwi not because there is Kiwis in it but because all the Hops are from
    New Zealan, should have mentioned that in the post...... :DBIB....

  • Posted in thread: Kiwi Wheat ale on 04-25-2012 at 04:57 PM
    So this beer is delicious and a great one at that. I do not normally do all malt recipies but I
    was feeling a little like what the hell, I have 2 hours to kill while bottling another one, Why
    Not?So t...