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  • Posted in thread: Indoor BIAB on 10-23-2016 at 01:49 PM
    Gav & TW - Congrats to the both of you! That's really awesome!Gav - was the same same dunkel,
    by chance, that I had the pleasure of sampling?

  • Posted in thread: What did I cook this weekend..... on 10-18-2016 at 01:19 PM
    Looks good. What do you use to season/marinade your meat? I do a marinade of oil, lime juice,
    garlic, s&p, crushed red pepper. It's good, But I'm looking for something different.Sounds
    really similar ...

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 10-17-2016 at 05:01 AM
    Had 3 or 4 Oktoberfest's at the BIL's earlier this evening while watching the the 'Boys play.
    Meanwhile, my wife carved a pumpkin with a mini-pumpkin in it with my 4 yr old. 373809

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 10-17-2016 at 04:56 AM
    It was the head brewer and I chatting about hops and suggestions for ratios with those hops.
    They got better IPAs now! Just EJ is a mainstay.That's awesome! Post the recipe if it turns

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 10-16-2016 at 01:50 PM
    Coffee. From yesterday, a juicy Gavin-IPA, and a really refreshing Gavin-pils. Both no less
    than was expected (no surprise there), just great beers! 373683373685373686

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 10-16-2016 at 01:38 PM
    Brewed 7 days ago. Awesome PintHousePizza inspired IPA! Azacca/Simcoe/Eldorado.I'd put a pic
    in, but every 10min HBT says I need to log in to post. WTF? Getting tired of restarting
    app.Which IPA - ele...

  • Posted in thread: WLP007 Dry English Ale on 10-13-2016 at 05:49 AM
    My wife is a Bud / Miller drinker so I agreed to make something for her.Sort of a Bud clone
    with 6 row, flaked rice and a bit of carapils.But rather than lager it, I'm using WLP007 for
    the first time ...

  • Posted in thread: Homemade Bread Thread on 10-12-2016 at 03:34 AM
    Ugly but tasty Italian bread. Bring on the cool weather.What's ugly about it?! Looks delicious!
    If you're referring to the large pits inside the slices, that's where all the yummy butter and
    garlic po...

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 10-12-2016 at 03:26 AM
    Victory Festbier. 373318This smells straight up like somewhere between either mashing in or
    just a bag of malt. Never had the aroma of a beer smell quite like that raw malt/mash. I think
    I like it a l...

  • Posted in thread: Irish Stout Batch on 10-10-2016 at 03:25 PM
    This sounds like what I'm doing. Bourbon, oak chips, and coffee. I'm going to bring the ABV
    from 3.9%, up to about 12%. This means I'll be adding 3 oz bourbon for every 8 oz of Stout,
    plus an oz of ex...

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