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  • Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock n' roll, Big Band Swing... I love music in general.
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  • It's Always Sunny, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Home Improvement, Drinking Made Easy, Thirsty Traveler,
  • All my brewing books =)
  • I really want to try and brew a variety of styles..we shall see.
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  • BrewHeads x Cee: BrewHeads (the first craftbeer song)
    Montreal artist, Cee created the first craft beer themed song thats actually about the beer we
    love. Check out the track here: recently flew out to Montreal to film the video for this song
    through th...

  • BrewHeads x AZ Girls Pint Out Collab: "She's Crafty"
    Our official Collaboration tank top with AZ Girls Pint Out is finally back in stock, so set
    your alarm clocks tonight.

  • Instagram: Any of you on it?
    Very cool to see more beer instagramers... I'm behind ofor his thread... I have alot of people
    to add now, yes! If I don't already follow you I will. Cheers!!

  • New post a picture of your pint
    here is my chocolate milk stout ....... in my bomber glass......Look at that head... Mmmmmm
    looks good.

  • Instagram: Any of you on it?
    I had it, but felt that between Untappd, Facebook and Twitter, I was being "social" enough.I
    hear you... So much social...It's hard to keep up with it all.

  • Instagram: Any of you on it?
    I'm CannibalAJ (go figure) I use it for posting more than just beer pics but that seems to be
    most of what i post anyways. I always seem to post pictures of beers from the different
    airports i lay ove...

  • Instagram: Any of you on it?
    So this is like a twitter for pictures?It's an app for iPhones... It's like Facebook and
    twitter but all pictures. No "I'm sad I need attention" posts... It's all pictures. It's like
    those awesome boo...

  • Instagram: Any of you on it?
    I'm on Instagram but haven't really used it much yet. I do a pretty thorough job of documenting
    my beer and brewing on Facebook. I wasn't aware there was a big beer community on Instagram.
    I'll have t...

  • Beer Garden Kit: Anyone use it?
    actually depending on space available the homebrewers garden claims that a plot 800 square ft
    can yeild enough barley to do five ag batches. so a 13x13 plot should in theory yeild enough
    for 1 5g batc...

  • Instagram: Any of you on it?
    Instagram has a great beer community believe it or not. There are some really cool BrewHeads on
    there posting pictures for the beers they are drinking, brewing etc. I was pretty surprised on
    how many ...

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