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  • Posted in thread: You know you're a home brewer when? on 10-21-2015 at 05:29 AM
    310867You notice the two 2.5 gal kegs mounted sideways in the plane in Fast & Furious 7. And
    immediately think, "Da fuq!? Can't dispense beer... Wait those aren't qui... What's... Just

  • Posted in thread: STC-1000 Temperature Controller in Fahrenheit on 07-25-2014 at 02:34 AM
    That's pretty crazy. I built my own black box before ever seeing this thread (built 3 diff
    versions previously). The $55 price tag is awesome considering I built mine for about $40 total
    not pricing f...

  • Posted in thread: Big mouth bubbler semi-review on 02-21-2014 at 03:54 PM
    There's a gasket that's food grade foam type. NB sells replacements, but I might make or find
    my own silicon one.Haven't measured exactly where 5 gallons lands, but it close to the level of
    beer in my...

  • Posted in thread: Big Mouth Bubbler Stopper Alternative on 02-21-2014 at 07:43 AM
    Dang... I just posted the same thing a couple hours after you. Great minds and all...Sent from
    my iPhone using Home Brew

  • Posted in thread: Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies on 02-21-2014 at 07:42 AM
    I wawnt thaaaat....Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew

  • Posted in thread: Big mouth bubbler semi-review on 02-21-2014 at 07:33 AM
    I guarantee you could push with CO2 if you were gentle. 3/8" hole in the top to run a stainless
    racking cane etc and boom. I'd do it right now just to show it can be done... But I still
    siphon :'(Sent...

  • Posted in thread: Big mouth bubbler semi-review on 02-21-2014 at 03:47 AM
    So just got my 6.5 gallon BMB. On first sight, it's as glorious as I imagined. Immediately
    stuck my arm in to touch the bottom. My heart went a flutter. Needless to say I think we've all
    read about th...

  • Posted in thread: Big Mouth Bubbler?! on 02-19-2014 at 11:55 PM
    So I got mine yesterday and am brewing as we speak to fill it. So far, I'm never using anything
    else. I'm planning on writing a review both for on here and NB's website. How did these not
    exist before...

  • Posted in thread: Super high mash efficiency? on 11-13-2013 at 05:00 PM
    Used a refractometer AND let a sample cool and measured with a calibrated hydrometer. 15.75 lbs
    mashed at 154 with 5.5 gallons sparged with 4.5 gal. Boiled 6.6 gallons to about 5.5. I worked
    at my LHB...

  • Posted in thread: Super high mash efficiency? on 11-12-2013 at 10:43 PM
    Designed a recipe based on a clone and getting 75% efficiency. I use Brewology101 for
    ball-parking my recipes. Here's the pertinent stuff>>11.5 lb Pale Ale malt3 lb Vienna12oz
    C60L10oz AromaticAt 75% ...

If you love your motorcycle, set it free. If it comes back and hits you, you high sided. "Gave my 500ml Pacman starter that I made last night a hug and wished it a good day before I headed off to work. He's growing up so fast!! Will be a 2liter starter by Saturday and will probably start ignoring me, think he knows it all and end up knocking up some skanky belgain strain before I know it." ~BigTerp