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  • Posted in thread: Chocolate Oatmeal Porter on 10-24-2016 at 12:16 AM
    Chips are going to have oil that cocoa wont, will reduce head retention. Also, there'll be a
    lot less surface area to extract the flavor from... Milk chocolate and cocoa also have
    different tastes, mi...

  • Posted in thread: Sam Adams white christmas clone? on 10-22-2016 at 01:47 AM
    Steep the grains in a large nylon bag or similar for around 30 min at 150-155 in as much water
    as you need to cover the grainsPull the grains out and let the water drain out of the bag for
    10-15 minAd...

  • Posted in thread: Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone on 10-21-2016 at 12:12 AM
    I've done 4 or 5 batches and haven't had a problem. I get my beams from a local coffee shop
    that roasts their own beans. They scoop them buckets into 2oz sleeves, I bring them home and
    pour into the f...

  • Posted in thread: Holly (Christmas Ale) on 10-20-2016 at 01:56 PM
    I have never gotten banana or clove from 545, one of the big reasons I like it. I get more dark
    fruit and spicy phenols, not clove like spice though, maybe slight cinnamon...I may just split
    that batc...

  • Posted in thread: Holly (Christmas Ale) on 10-18-2016 at 06:23 PM
    I did a quick search for yeast in the thread and it doesn't appear that there's ever been a
    clear answer given. I assume most are using a clean fermenting year, American Ale or S-05. Any
    thoughts on u...

  • Posted in thread: Best Pumpkin Spice Recipe? on 10-17-2016 at 11:56 PM
    I did one brew with canned pumpkin and I agree that stuff clogs the bag horribly, next time
    I'll use Irish moss even though doing BIAB.The pumpkin won't contribute to the OG much, a point
    or two at mo...

  • Posted in thread: Holly (Christmas Ale) on 10-15-2016 at 01:37 AM
    I would go with 2.2. I haven't made this recipe but sounds like that would be ideal, don't want
    it to "flat" like a porter or stout or to the level of an IPA.

  • Posted in thread: Long Trail rocks (Harvest Ale recipe in thread) on 10-11-2016 at 08:31 PM
    Sorry for reviving a 2 yr old thread, but I just had this in Long Trails Fall Variety pack and
    it would be a nice year round beer, IMO. I picked up some nice chocolate notes in the finish,
    does the cl...

  • Posted in thread: 20 lb of sugar and a jar of yeast nutrient on 10-09-2016 at 12:40 AM
    Not sure what kind of pan you're pouring into, I think most if not all of us are pouting into
    mason jars after it's done boiling. If you stop boiling and start cooling at the right time it
    will be a s...

  • Posted in thread: Black Pearl Porter (AG) on 10-07-2016 at 09:41 PM
    I had a beer that looked like that, bubbles weren't that big though, just really small ones.
    Beer ended up being fine, never had an off taste or issues with bottle bombs from something
    wild fermenting...