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  • I enjoy life, the wife, travel, family and now I learned to golf , my new job for when I retire.
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  • My grandfather made everything, my mother made wine, I learned wine as a kid . Made wine and cider and just tried to make beer with little success ; until a few years back when I bought a book by John Palmer. The beer got better ,but I loaned the book out and it was lost. I looked on the internet and found this site along with a few others dug up my old 6 gal. buckets and recipes I had written down and got started again. Thanks to the people here I have all the experiments I could ever try. Ilike to do fast extract partial grain to keep in the pipeline and spring & summer full grain in 6-9 gal. batches. CHEERS;)
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  • Posted in thread: Anyone know of a good gap setting for a barley crusher? on 07-30-2013 at 09:14 AM
    I have .034 set for mine. you may like it tighter for BIAB. as tight as you can get it for
    wheat and mill wheat twice for a good crush. at .033- .034 I hit 85% on average. Cheers:mug:

  • Posted in thread: Storing yeast cake? on 04-06-2013 at 04:18 PM
    you need to search "washing yeast" . that will get you all the answers and instuctions on how
    to save a yeast cake for future use. I dont understand what the bottle conitioning has to do
    with starting...

  • Posted in thread: when is it not beer? on 04-06-2013 at 01:22 PM
    I knew I was gonna be slapped down for a poorly posed debate question, the question I intended
    to ask is about what people consider "beer", not what we like verses don't like. when does
    something go f...

  • Posted in thread: Airlock drains on 03-29-2013 at 08:51 AM
    high and low pressure weather systems moving thru can cause suck back in air locks. Use a blow

  • Posted in thread: I'm not being nitpicky, this is a bad crush, right? on 03-09-2013 at 08:34 PM
    YUP bad crush. If you can , have them tighten that sucker up a few notches. OR buy a barley
    mill and set it at .035 and get 75-80% eff. all the time. Cheers

  • Posted in thread: Decent crush? on 02-12-2013 at 03:47 AM
    Start with the second one and each batch go a touch smaller until things start slowing down and
    then call it good.+1 on this advice. My barley mill is now at .034 and never a stuck bed. the
    80-85 eff....

  • Posted in thread: Mash tun size? on 02-09-2013 at 12:57 PM
    Look in the "equpment/saitation" forum; Bobby M. has a full write up On MLT size, efficiency,
    with grain wts. and water amounts. STICKY "this is how big your MLT needs to be". Great reading
    for new al...

  • Posted in thread: Sticky thermometer vs dial on 12-25-2012 at 08:53 PM
    the one to go by is the sticky one on the fermenter. the air temp is not the temp to be
    concerned with. Fermentation temp is what you want to control, depending on the yeast used; 64*
    is a good averag...

  • Posted in thread: Cold crash in primary or bottling bucket? on 12-23-2012 at 03:40 PM
    I would recommed leaving it in the primary for at least 3weeks. This will allow the yeast to
    clean up after themselves and drop out of suspention to the bottom of your bucket. Cold
    crashing will furth...

  • Posted in thread: Newbie help please on 12-23-2012 at 01:53 PM
    +1 on what "neovox" said. I usually primary only 4weeks. take a hydrometer reading at 3 weeks
    just to make sure the brew has finished. the extra week is for yeast clean up and clearing of
    the beer bef...