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  • I'm 33 and work as a Sys Admin for research firm. Just sold my house, had a baby, and moved all within 30 days. I'm ready to brew and have a beer. I enjoy sports, cooking, music, journalism, guitar, smoking meats, the outdoors, and of course beer!
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  • Marx bros, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Big Lebowski, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Festival Express, Rockers, Where the Buffalo Roam.
  • 30 rock and modern family with the Wife but I usually only watch sports
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  • I had been wanting to brew for years and I randomly came across some free carboys. I borrowed pots and buckets until I had the needed stuff to brew. Once I brewed I was hooked. I brew all grain on a 5 gallon 3 vessel system that I've built up over time. I love to brew American ales and age specialty ales on wood. I'm a big seasonal beer drinker so I usually brew to the season and brew various styles within the season. I've been brewing for 4 years and I continue to get better, expand and upgrade my equipment, and come up with some pretty good recipes. I just got into kegging about a year ago and it's great to have the freshest IPA's at home that you can't find anywhere else. Homebrewtalk has been a saving grace! This forum is awesome.
  • Indian Brown Ale, VT IPA, Stocious Stout, Barley Wine, Black Ginger Ale, RIS,
  • Bourbon Oak Brolic Strong ale
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  • Posted in thread: What came in the mail for you today? on 12-07-2016 at 03:22 PM
    I will be getting my new cyber Monday sale picnic tap so I can finally have 2 beers on tap at
    the same time!Also some grains to brew my once every 3 years oak bourbon strong ale I call
    Heavy Cord.

  • Posted in thread: Football how I love and hate you on 12-07-2016 at 03:04 PM
    Not a bad idea. I used to brew stove top, but since switching to kegging, it's only been worth
    the effort to do bigger batches.I hear you. It's a little faster of a brew day since you don't
    have to wa...

  • Posted in thread: Football how I love and hate you on 12-05-2016 at 07:28 PM
    Why dont you brew smaller batches so you dont need the help? I brew 3 gal stove top all grain
    batches when it gets cold outside. I love it because you can brew more and you'll have all
    different kinds...

  • Posted in thread: Peculiarities of bottle conditioning on 12-05-2016 at 05:58 PM
    what temp are you letting them carb up at? 70 degrees F is what's said to be the typical temp.
    If it's lower it will take it a lot longer to carbonate and condition.

  • Posted in thread: Brew day box on 12-05-2016 at 05:50 PM
    Here's my brew area... nothing much to look at really. I used a few bins to keep all the
    clutter in and all the big stuff I just try to organize the best I can. I don't have a lot of
    room so keeping i...

  • Posted in thread: That mate who is too into his beer on 12-05-2016 at 05:32 PM
    Funny! good grief though... I know who they're making fun of... The only thing he's missing is
    a huge beard, black rimmed glasses, and a scarf. Haha. I love beer, after all we're all
    homebrewers here,...

  • Posted in thread: Blichmann Cornical - Good Idea? Or Gimmick? on 12-02-2016 at 01:32 PM
    I don't really see the appeal. Like Teromous said, there's always gunk on the sidewalls as well
    as on the top part of the fermentor above the beer from rigorous fermentation. I don't really
    want that ...

  • Posted in thread: Carb Question on 12-02-2016 at 03:52 AM
    Thanks everyone. To address a few of your questions/suggestions...@Atlmustang --- no, I did not
    use carafoam or carapils, but will keep that in [email protected] --- no to flaked oats, oatmeal,
    wheat, but d...

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 12-02-2016 at 03:48 AM
    Switch hitting between my #notmystout oatmeal milk stout and SN celebration ale. Sweet with the

  • Posted in thread: Carb Question on 12-01-2016 at 07:04 PM
    Proteins are what cause heading on beer. Adding flaked barley or flaked wheat will help in
    forming a head. Too long of a protein rest will break the protein down and decrease the
    heading.Yes! Thanks f...

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