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  • The WHALES brewing club
  • Started brewing on extract kits in August 2006 after a horribly failed Mr Beer batch. Converted to all grain after 5 batches and haven't looked back. I'm currently working out the kinks in a custom single tier, 3 sanke, natural gas fired system. I'm a batch sparging advocate and like to teach new all grain brewers that you can achieve high 80% efficiencies. I'm focused on brewing highly drinkable beers right now and plan to start expanding BJCP knowledge to become a better brewer.
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  • Bimetallic thermostats
    Is there some reason we are using Mypin's with fuzzy logic over Bimetallic thermostats?This
    question is far too vague to garner any useful responses. It's like asking why am I cooking
    spaghetti rather...

  • BrewMasters Warehouse (now, rising from the ashes!)
    I think any company that buys assets from a tanked company is aware of the negative baggage
    that may come along with it but the upside likely far exceeds the downside. There are probably
    a handful of ...

  • New stainless base elements showing brass color?
    No, they aren't from you. They are the Camco 02965 ones. Is this the model you sell Bobby?No, I
    don't sell "camco" branded elements but ours are also made in the US.

  • BrewMasters Warehouse (now, rising from the ashes!)
    I'd assume the same thing. They probably offered a one time fee for the brewbuilder code and
    the BMW name so that any previous customers that checked out the site would be redirected to
    NB. It's anoth...

  • New stainless base elements showing brass color?
    They don't look like ours. Our elements are 100% stainless. I just scraped one of my ripples
    and it's silver underneath the coating.

  • Need something to seal the hole for airlock in bucketfermentor
    I fill a mylar bag with co2 and attach it to the inside tube of the 3pc airlock with a short
    piece of tubing. Yes, I'm concerned about oxidizing. It's the same reason I purge kegs with co2
    and fill it...

  • Tri-Clover and hoses
    Heat sanitize by boiling just the ends.

  • PID Cheap or auberins? Also, RTD question
    Where is everyone buying their stainless steel elements. I only found 2000w SS at
    brewhardwareWhat? have five SS elements to choose from, two 5500w, two 1500w and one 2000

  • Tri-Clover and hoses
    Yes, there is definitely a spot for gunk to hide at the hose to barb junction but it's nowhere
    near as bad as threads.

  • Shipping sample to Wards
    You can send a smaller bottle and you can also use a USPS flat rate padded envelope. Ordering
    the shipping box from Ward is a waste of time.

Welcome to I love you. New 100% Stainless Steel Heating Elements are IN! ULWD 5500w Ripple, 2000w, 1500w, etc Chugger Pumps, Pump Kits, Camlocks, Sightglasses, Clear USA made Silicone Tubing, RIMS, Electric Install Parts, etc.
August 2, 2008  •  05:19 AM
Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire.
August 3, 2008  •  04:12 PM
Great videos Bobby. Helped alot. You always have sound advice. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
August 17, 2008  •  04:20 PM
What's with this? Homebrew chatter can lick my sack? Bad experience?
March 5, 2009  •  06:12 PM
Thanks for the post!!! I have been watching your video's for the past 5 month's lol. there very well done,even a noob like me can understand.thanks for the help.

July 29, 2009  •  12:38 AM
Yo Bobby!

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do here and on you tube. I've finally started to get really serious about brewing and your info has been indispensable. Keep up the great work man!
January 26, 2010  •  02:22 AM
Thanks for all the useful information you have posted on various sites.

I am currently building a single tier stand of my own and was hoping that you would share the dimensions of yours, that is if you are happy with them.

If not would you please tell me the dims of the stand you would hope for.


July 24, 2010  •  06:14 PM
Just wanted to say thanks to all your posts and help you have provided. I need to start contributing videos and parts lists as Im building my 3 set up. Thanks!

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