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  • The WHALES brewing club
  • Started brewing on extract kits in August 2006 after a horribly failed Mr Beer batch. Converted to all grain after 5 batches and haven't looked back. I'm currently working out the kinks in a custom single tier, 3 sanke, natural gas fired system. I'm a batch sparging advocate and like to teach new all grain brewers that you can achieve high 80% efficiencies. I'm focused on brewing highly drinkable beers right now and plan to start expanding BJCP knowledge to become a better brewer.
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  • RIMS Thermocouple Issues
    Do you have all three wires of the RTD hooked up?

  • she said "it takes too long".........
    This hardly qualifies as a terrible sales pitch........ I'm a regular customer, and these
    people qualify as casual friends. I share beer and kombucha with them, and the casual
    conversation was more of...

  • Electricians: Help! 240v power supply to 120v Element help
    First, you do have a four wire supply going into the panel correct? L1, L2, N, G right?To make
    one of your outlets switch between 240v and 120v, one of the hots coming from the outlet needs
    to switcha...

  • Cooler Mash Tuns
    Yes, right now we have the center elbow connector and the bulkhead separate. You can also get
    it as a conversion kit if you already have a cooler.

  • BSII / False Bottom / Dead Space
    All you have to do is slightly modify the mash thickness. If you like the consistency of 1.25
    qts/lb, set that, observe the strike volume and then just add one gallon. There's no specific
    setting in B...

  • Cooler Mash Tuns
    Immediately available:
    10 gallon mash tun is ready to go right out of the box. It can be used for 5 or 10 gallon all
    grain batc...

  • Have I been batch sparging wrong?
    I'm glad you mentioned Denny because I know he chimed in quite a bit on the topic of one or two
    sparge additions. He's always said he didn't see a big enough difference to warrant the extra
    work. I ne...

  • Sanke HLT to Electric
    Even on 120v (1500w), it would only take 1.5 hours at 100% output to get 10 gallons to rise
    100F. At that point, a PID would only cycle on probably 5% of the time to hold the temp. In
    other words, it ...

  • closed system submers. wort chiller
    You'll do a lot better with smaller chunks of ice rather than large 3 gallon chunks. The
    surface area just isn't high enough to keep the water really cold. The other thing you can do
    is put a couple o...

  • Tubing length keg question
    I use 5 ft of line and serve my beer at around 5 psi. I get a nice pour every time.I suppose
    you're OK with losing carbonation over time or you boost the pressure back up between pour
    sessions? Why me...

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August 2, 2008  •  12:19 AM
Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire.
August 3, 2008  •  11:12 AM
Great videos Bobby. Helped alot. You always have sound advice. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
August 17, 2008  •  11:20 AM
What's with this? Homebrew chatter can lick my sack? Bad experience?
March 5, 2009  •  12:12 PM
Thanks for the post!!! I have been watching your video's for the past 5 month's lol. there very well done,even a noob like me can understand.thanks for the help.

July 28, 2009  •  07:38 PM
Yo Bobby!

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do here and on you tube. I've finally started to get really serious about brewing and your info has been indispensable. Keep up the great work man!
January 25, 2010  •  08:22 PM
Thanks for all the useful information you have posted on various sites.

I am currently building a single tier stand of my own and was hoping that you would share the dimensions of yours, that is if you are happy with them.

If not would you please tell me the dims of the stand you would hope for.


July 24, 2010  •  01:14 PM
Just wanted to say thanks to all your posts and help you have provided. I need to start contributing videos and parts lists as Im building my 3 set up. Thanks!

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