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  • Brewing beer! Cooking,reading,motorcycles,guitar and spending time with family.
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  • Too many to list - Lots of classical fantasy fiction and urban fiction.
  • Belgian Tripel, American IPA, Patersbier
  • Primary #1 - Valley of Shadow RIS (10%) Primary #2 - Apple & Peach Melomel (14%) Primary #3 - Patersbier Primary #4 - Empty.
  • Secondary #1 - Empty. Secondary #2 - Empty.
  • Mead - lots of it.
  • American Amber Ale, Patersbier, Robust Porter.
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  • Posted in thread: 2 packets of yeast on 11-18-2011 at 08:56 PM
    Wow, they come in smaller sizes? That's news to me. If that's the case, I'd buy those for my
    split batches for sure.

  • Posted in thread: 2 packets of yeast on 11-18-2011 at 08:51 PM
    I assume these are dry yeast packets, yes? It's probably a mistake. Save it! Having an extra
    packet on hand isn't a bad thing.

  • Posted in thread: TGIF - Success! on 11-18-2011 at 07:48 PM
    Congratulations, welcome to the addiction!Now the real question. Did you brew a batch already
    for that lonely, empty primary?

  • Posted in thread: All Grain Questions on 11-18-2011 at 07:06 PM
    I can only give you insight from my own experience with the filter. I started with a braided
    filter when I first went all grain, and it clogged a lot more than I would have liked it to,
    even when usin...

  • Posted in thread: Chicago - Best brewpubs to see on 11-18-2011 at 05:32 PM
    Visiting some family in Chicago a few weeks ago, my Father and I went out to Two Brothers.
    Absolutely zero advertising on the outside of the building, and it's tucked away in what looks
    like a commerc...

  • Posted in thread: Help please on 11-18-2011 at 03:04 PM
    I've been reading several of the long primary vs. secondary threads and had decided on skipping
    the secondary with my next batch until reading this quote. Does the secondary really help
    increase clari...

  • Posted in thread: Help please on 11-18-2011 at 02:48 PM
    Welcome to brewing, and to HBT!I have never agreed with the fermentation time listed on most of
    the instructions for kits out there. Often times 7 days not nearly enough for the beer to be in
    a primar...

  • Posted in thread: Does this sound too ambitious? on 11-18-2011 at 02:39 PM
    Do it! Part of the adventure to making excellent beer is the constant experimentation and
    learning along the way. Try new ingredients and techniques. Even if something doesn't go as you
    planned, learn...

  • Posted in thread: Coming Up Short on 11-18-2011 at 02:27 PM
    I think we all hit the mark here. :D Excellent point on stirring extra vigorously after your
    top-off. I remember having trouble at first when I was extract brewing a couple years ago.It
    may take a cou...

  • Posted in thread: Coming Up Short on 11-18-2011 at 02:15 PM
    You may want to check your instructions for your pre-boil volume, or recheck how much water you
    think you're adding to your kettle. You're inevitably going to lose some volume to evaporation
    during th...