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  • Posted in thread: Anyone purchased from on 12-03-2009 at 08:17 PM
    Hi,I ordered something from them about 2-3 days ago...but I didn't get any feedback either by
    phone or email.:confused:Is it usual with them? Is it a dead website?i thought it was a little
    shady as we...

  • Posted in thread: How fast do you guzzle your 5 gallons? on 03-21-2006 at 02:39 PM
    i'm only on my third brew out of a keg but the first one took me close to two weeks.. but my
    last keg lasted 2.5 days for two of us... (thurs. - st. paddy's day warmup, fri. - st. paddy's
    day, sat. mo...

  • Posted in thread: Wort Filtration on 03-20-2006 at 08:34 PM
    my second last batch i strained with a metal strainer and it turned out to be a pain, and
    slow.. my last batch, i stirred up a pretty good whirlpool, let it setting for about 1/2 hour
    and then siphone...

  • Posted in thread: What turned you on to the good stuff? on 03-17-2006 at 06:13 PM
    ???Can you enlighten me? -walkersmith-icksor with his irish accent 'smidicks'.. the only reason
    i brought that up was last night we overheard a guy ordering a smith-wicks..

  • Posted in thread: What turned you on to the good stuff? on 03-17-2006 at 04:20 PM
    growing up my pops would drink OV, which may explain why he doesn't drink much anymore.. i used
    to swipe a few bottles here and there.. but i still remember my first two pints in a pub came
    when i was...

  • Posted in thread: why can't we use twist off bottles? on 03-07-2006 at 05:34 PM
    holy crap....are you "uncapping" by smashing the top of the bottle on a
    cinderblock?:confused:nope, if we applied any more pressure than it took to break the initial
    seal, the top would snap off.. tha...

  • Posted in thread: why can't we use twist off bottles? on 03-03-2006 at 08:29 PM
    i had to use a case of twist off for my second batch.. my roomate broke two necks capping, any
    ive broke about 5 tops off uncapping.. we've since stocked up on grolsh bottles.. much easier..

  • Posted in thread: first time to the keg on 02-23-2006 at 05:31 PM
    last nite i made the official switch to my keg setup, and racked from the secondary to the
    keg.. i force carb'd it and tossed it in the fridge.. i woke up this morning and poured off a
    glass to give'r...

  • Posted in thread: Ontario Brewing Club on 02-14-2006 at 09:57 PM
    i'm new to brewing and live downtown Toronto.. and would be interested in something like this..

  • Posted in thread: New to brewing on 02-07-2006 at 01:20 AM
    hey guys, i'm fairly new to all this just have a couple of questions for ya.. i dont have an
    outdoor cooker (yet) so i'm forced to use the stove top. the only problem is that i cant get
    water to boil ...