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  • Posted in thread: Cannot overcome my Hazy IPA oxidation problem!! on 01-06-2017 at 10:43 PM
    Just 1 data point....I had a similar problem. I got a PH meter and found my mash was at 5.7!
    Dropped that to 5.2 and 99% of the issue went away.

  • Posted in thread: Ok to keg but not carb right away? on 01-06-2017 at 10:30 PM
    Or you could use this as a chance to experiment with naturally carbing a keg.

  • Posted in thread: McMaster Carr Heat Sheets on 01-06-2017 at 10:20 PM
    That's basically what all the carboy heaters are that you would see on a brew site. Of course,
    those are around 40w per 2 sq ft, or 0.07 wpsi. I wouldn't use something 50 times more powerful
    without a...

  • Posted in thread: Second brew feeling creative (Stout Idea) on 01-02-2017 at 05:30 PM
    I didn't mean necessarily stick to kits for a year. I was thinking more along the lines of
    taking a known recipe (from where ever, but this site has a solid recipe section.) Brew it as
    is. Then change...

  • Posted in thread: Second brew feeling creative (Stout Idea) on 01-02-2017 at 05:04 PM
    Not to a be a stick in the mud, but...... for a second brew, I'd stick with a tested recipe.
    You are just tossing ingredients together at this point with no frame of reference. That's
    really not a goo...

  • Posted in thread: storage of ingredients on 01-02-2017 at 04:58 PM
    Grain/dme should just be in a cool, dry stop. (not the fridge, just a cool closet). Hops should
    go in the freezer. Yeast stays in the fridge. I'm sure you have your reasons, but you
    absolutely don't n...

  • Posted in thread: Moldy coney kegs on 12-30-2016 at 03:41 PM
    I usually cold crash before kegging, but rarely fine or filter. Usually mostly IPA's and
    belgians on tap, so definitely more gunk prone than average. Obviously, most breweries have
    clean-in-place syst...

  • Posted in thread: Moldy coney kegs on 12-29-2016 at 04:54 PM
    Try that. Then disassemble and see what's left. I've done it and that is precisely why I clean
    everything now. But yes, you won't get infected magically by having gunk in your kegs. If the
    bacteria is...

  • Posted in thread: Moldy coney kegs on 12-29-2016 at 02:18 PM
    There really shouldn't be any gunk in a freshly used keg anywhere but maybe yeast at the
    bottom...I disassemble every time and there is always gunk somewhere. When you blow a keg,
    everything at the bo...

  • Posted in thread: Moldy coney kegs on 12-28-2016 at 08:26 PM
    I disassemble kegs after each batch. They are always gunked up. Always. Dip tube especially. It
    might be sanitary gunk, but that doesn't mean I want to drink it.