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  • Posted in thread: Anyone use the disposable oxygen tanks for aerating? on 03-07-2008 at 11:39 AM
    I have the stone and everything, but dont want to pay the $50-60 for a oxiginator. All I need
    is the cap/valve for the tank. Is there anywhere I can get just that, or does HD have something
    that will ...

  • Posted in thread: Guide to Making a Frozen Yeast Bank on 03-06-2008 at 11:41 AM
    When you put the vials in the pressure cooker, I see you leave the caps on the vials. When
    everything cools will they implode on themselves or are they able to withstand the vacume?

  • Posted in thread: What Mash Tun to use? on 03-04-2008 at 01:50 AM
    All my friends drink BMC, and my wife doesnt drink beer, so I am really the only one who drinks
    my beer. On that note, I usually only do 5 gallon batches, but there is that time when you want
    to do a ...

  • Posted in thread: wort chiller, kettle mod question on 03-01-2008 at 12:03 PM
    I keep the lid off, you will cool much faster with no lid and a place for the steam to go.

  • Posted in thread: How long did it take you to go all grain? on 03-01-2008 at 12:47 AM
    It was about 10 months from my first extract batch to my first all grain batch. I did 4 or 5
    extract batches, they all turned out like crap, so I desided to go all grain, I started to buy
    and build ev...

  • Posted in thread: Guide to Making a Frozen Yeast Bank on 02-29-2008 at 03:06 AM
    One question I have, when you make the glycerine solution, are you adding water and glycerine,
    or just glycerine and a little bit of beer from the starter?

  • Posted in thread: mash now boil later? on 02-24-2008 at 02:00 AM
    Depending on how long it will be before the boil, if it will be more than 4-5 hours I would do
    a mash out at least to denature the enzimes.

  • Posted in thread: Where to get tart/sour cherries? on 02-22-2008 at 11:47 AM
    I live in Michigan where we have tons of cherries. They have them in the frozen fruits isle at
    most grocery stores here. Although they are quite expensive, my last batch of cherry wheat I
    burned throu...

  • Posted in thread: how to clean a blow off tube? on 02-19-2008 at 11:39 AM
    For my blow off lines I tie a string to my straight carboy cleaning brush, not the one that is
    L shapped. Then pull the brush through a couple of times after the hose has been sitting in a
    oxiclean so...

  • Posted in thread: Boil kettle - seen good deals lately? on 02-10-2008 at 01:52 PM
    I actually got really lucky and one morning while driving into work I spotted something steel
    in the ditch. I stopped to check it out, and what do you know, it was a keg.