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  • Posted in thread: Does this recipe look ok? on 03-01-2015 at 11:30 PM
    So i tweeked the recipe and this is what i have,any comments or suggestions welcome! Thanks.
    Style:*Cream Ale (6A)Boil Size:*4.31 galStyle Guide:*BJCP 2008Color:*3.7 SRMEquipment:*Pot ( 5
    Gal/19 L) - ...

  • Posted in thread: Does this recipe look ok? on 03-01-2015 at 05:34 PM
    What Yooper said. Whatever you have there might be good but it's not a cream ale. If you are
    looking for a traditional type cream ale try something like 75% pale malt (domestic 2row or
    6row), 25% corn...

  • Posted in thread: English Barley Wine Help on 02-15-2015 at 03:09 AM
    There are enough ingredients to get you to the recipe gravity range for three gallons. You've
    either made a mistake in taking the reading, not added or mixed properly or overlooked some
    part of the pr...

  • Posted in thread: Feedback on an American Lager recipe I'm putting together on 02-12-2015 at 12:44 AM
    My worry is that my grain bill might be too cluttered... Let's call it busy instead of
    cluttered but, yes, too much going on here IMO. Keep it simple?Simple is almost always better.
    So what is it yo...

  • Posted in thread: 1940s-1950s recipes? on 02-08-2015 at 10:32 PM
    Recipes from that era were bad. They were pretty much what was used during Prohibition when
    after the breweries were no longer making beer they made tins of malt extract sold in grocery
    stores. A typi...

  • Posted in thread: First Time Post - irish stout on 02-02-2015 at 10:20 PM
    Thanks for the reply BigEd. The EKG are 5.7% Alpha. I was thinking it was the Roasted Barley
    being a relatively large portion of my grain bill. If I cut the Roasted Barley back to 10%,
    should that oth...

  • Posted in thread: First Time Post - irish stout on 02-02-2015 at 02:30 PM
    The recipe looks within typical numbers for a dry stout. Depending on the alpha % of the
    Goldings you are going to be on the high end of the IBU scale for a stout but certainly nothing
    crazy. The roas...

  • Posted in thread: Ballantine IPA clone help on 01-28-2015 at 02:40 PM
    I've checked out that thread before. I've actually put some thought and time into this.
    Interestingly, I see that that post is based on BigEds recipe. So, BigEd, how does my recipe
    look, in your opini...

  • Posted in thread: Carapils vs Carapils-dextrine on 01-28-2015 at 01:37 PM
    That is what I thought but they had dext and non dext Carapilis's labeled container. My
    research here tells me different. I think I have too much dextrine and need to dilute this
    specialty grain bill....

  • Posted in thread: Pilsner Urquell-like attempt on 01-28-2015 at 01:32 PM
    I understand you're trying to save a bit of money here but you're using a German yeast. That
    doesn't mean the beer won't be good but it does mean it will be more of a German than Czech
    version. If you...


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