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  • Toronto
  • I started brewing at home but am looking at moving to Germany this year to do an apprenticeship at a brewery.
  • Cooking,Brewing,Tasting,Living...
  • Restaurant Manager/Server, Sommelier
  • Aaron Mrezar
  • Anything that sounds good.
  • I have too many.
  • Stargate, yes I am a bit of a Sci-Fi nerd. At least it's entertaining...
  • Shadow of the Wind, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
  • I started with a passion for wine and after completing a Sommelier course decided to try and make wine at home. Making homemade wine that tasted good seemed an impossible task so I decided to try my hand at beer. I decided to go straight into the All-Grain and have never used an extract before. After 5 batches I moved to Toronto and lost the space and time to brew. Finally after several years I have updated the tools we use and my friend and I are up to 27 batches. No more Zapap Lautering but there is always one close by, just in case.
  • Looking to make a low gravity session bitter at some point in the future. I love a beer that I can guzzle without the carbonation or the alcohol killing me before I can have 10 pints!!!

    Nail-biter Bitter
    SNPA Clone (House Beer)
    Belle Blonde Revisited
  • Golden Shower APA
    Dry Stout (4%)
  • Faux Lager (5gal S-05)
  • Stone Epic 09.09.09 Clone
    Eclipse Stout
    Belgian Dubbel #2
    SNC IIPA (So Not a Clone IIPA)
    Bitter Blond (5gal)
    Mcnenly Pale Ale (made with homegrown hops)
    Imperial Pale Ale (dry hopped)

    Pure Blonde (10gal)
    Cream Stout (7gal)
    Sierra Nevada Clone #2,
    American Brown Ale,
    Belgian Dubbel,
    American Pale Ale,
    American Porter 2,
    American Porter 3
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (3x 5gal)
    Golden Shower Pale Ale (1x 5gal)
    Export Stout (2x 5gal)
    Citra Pale Ale (5gal, 4.5%, 90IBU)
    Faux Lager (5gal S-04)

    Old Couch Pale Ale (3gal)
    Bitter Blond (5gal)
    Cream Stout (3gal)
    Blonde Ale 1
    American Pale Ale,
    Sierra Nevada Clone #1,
    American Porter (Vaders Porter) ,
    British Bitter #2,
    British Bitter #3,
    British Bitter #1,
    American Brown Ale #1
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Primary 1:Golden Shower APA Primary 2: Dry Stout (5gal) Bottled:Stone Epic 09.09.09 Clone,Eclipse Stout (11 gal),Bitter Blond, Belgian Dubbel #2, SNC IIPA (So Not a Clone IIPA), Imperial Pale Ale Keg 1 Golden Shower APA Keg 2: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Keg 3: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Keg 4: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Keg 5: Citra Pale Ale Keg 6: Export Stout Keg 7: Export Stout Keg 8: Faux Blonde Keg 9: Empty Keg 10 (3gal): Empty On Deck: