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  • Posted in thread: Pot. Sorbate/sulfite ineffective or wild yeast? on 05-30-2014 at 05:25 PM
    Ok, so right now it's technically in secondary but because of the refermentation I should
    transfer to secondary treat w sorbate /meta and then allow this to sit for a very long time
    before backsweeten...

  • Posted in thread: Pot. Sorbate/sulfite ineffective or wild yeast? on 05-30-2014 at 11:57 AM
    I've read that thread. From my understanding stove top pasteurization comes with its own issues
    I'd rather avoid. Anyway, I'll be kegging the batch and then bottling from keg so I'd just
    rather have i...

  • Posted in thread: Pot. Sorbate/sulfite ineffective or wild yeast? on 05-29-2014 at 12:00 PM
    Ok, makes sense. I checked the gravity last night and it fermented all the way down again to
    .999. Shall I just leave it for another two months, add sulphates and what not, and then back
    sweeten?My co...

  • Posted in thread: Pot. Sorbate/sulfite ineffective or wild yeast? on 05-28-2014 at 05:11 PM
    Good day to all!So here's the deal. I'm on my 3rd batch of cider. Prior to this one I have only
    done dry ciders and bottle conditioned. This time I wanted to aim for a semi-sweet to sweet
    cider. My pr...

  • Posted in thread: New Product! Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler on 04-16-2014 at 09:30 PM
    After 1 1/2 years, I am still using the cool brewing bags. I just won a gold medal in our local
    competition using them... They get the job done, that's for sure!

  • Posted in thread: Coffeehouse Porter help on 12-18-2013 at 05:49 PM
    So comparing it to the BBC coffee house porter, how close is that recipe?

  • Posted in thread: Coffeehouse Porter help on 12-17-2013 at 06:43 PM
    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I must know, how did this turn out??

  • Posted in thread: Berkshire Brewing Co. Extract recipes on 12-17-2013 at 06:40 PM
    Still looking if anyone has figured this out yet.I emailed the brewery and other resources a
    few times, but to no avial!

  • Posted in thread: Do you dry hop in the primary or the secondary? on 07-15-2013 at 05:05 PM
    Anyone notice a higher levels oxidation when dry hopping in primary? Each individual pellet
    that breaks the surface of the beer is also bringing oxygen with it. Using a secondary seems to
    be a gentler...

  • Posted in thread: group brewday question. on 07-12-2013 at 12:36 PM
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but rather than start a new one I thought Id ask the question
    here. Sunday I will be attending my first group brew day away from my home. My question was on
    yeast. If...