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  • Posted in thread: Making Lactose from Milk on 09-24-2014 at 03:42 AM
    If you want feedback from people who've tried similar things you might try asking over in the
    cheese making forum. This seems to essentially be cheese making with a final step of adding
    ethanol to the...

  • Posted in thread: The bill that may destroy local breweries on 03-10-2014 at 07:07 PM
    The Florida Beer Wholesalers Association was the 3rd largest donor to the bill sponsor's last
    campaign: additional donations from other alcohol distribution organizations (Gold Coast
    Beverage Distrib...

  • Posted in thread: Probably a Really Dumb Question, but .... on 03-07-2014 at 06:43 PM
    Now that's something I should look into ... thanks!I really needed an excuse to start another
    batch of cider ... :pDry hopped mead is also quite good if you want to do a mead. Normally I
    find mead too...

  • Posted in thread: Munich/Northern Brewer SMaSH on 02-20-2014 at 02:07 PM
    Seems some people made a similar Vienna/Norther Brewer smash that was popular:

  • Posted in thread: Hoppy American Wheat vs White IPA - BJCP Category on 02-10-2014 at 05:15 PM
    I've got something between a hoppy American Wheat and a White IPA that I'd like to enter into
    an upcoming competition and was wondering what the BJCP category gurus thought would be the
    best place for...

  • Posted in thread: PID keeps overshooting on 11-27-2013 at 01:56 PM
    Interesting. Mine is at the outlet of the RIMS Tube.My main concern is that the PID doesn't
    seem to start backing off on firing when it reaches the set temperature. I would think it would
    slow down so...

  • Posted in thread: Measuring Water Additions (Scale only Does 1g) on 11-23-2013 at 03:08 PM
    Another thing you could try is making a stock solution. It's usually easier to measure out
    small volumes of fluid than small masses of salt, so you basically dissolve a large-ish
    quantity of salt (lar...

  • Posted in thread: Water from Hot Water Heater on 11-18-2013 at 03:45 PM
    I suppose it is also worth noting that if you have an older home that has lead in the plumbing
    the solubility of lead increases with temperature, so again flushing out the system before use
    would prob...

  • Posted in thread: Is my local water report enough? And did I enter them in correctly? on 10-30-2013 at 03:04 PM
    Isn't the average going to be closer to any given time point than one single analysis done at
    one time point? Even though the averages don't balance out the cations and anions, wouldn't it
    be better t...

  • Posted in thread: Apparently Bud has run out of gimmicky packaging ideas... on 10-18-2013 at 08:31 PM
    For those of you that feel you missed your true calling in life every time a BMC commercial
    comes on with the latest can/bottle featuring a Vortex Spiral, Pop-Top, or mountains that
    change color to re...