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  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • I'm getting ready to be a dad. I'm trying to prepare for that and get a few last minute brews under my belt before my schedule tightens up. Brewing is my medicine, it just calms me down and helps me keep in touch with a part of myself that doesn't exist in my work life.
  • Chess,Disc Golf,and Brewing
  • Foreman in a manufacturing warehouse
  • Brian Brim
  • Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, getting into Jazz, Blues, Black Keys
  • Waking Life
  • Jitterbug Perfume, Designing Great Beers, East of Eden the list goes on though I haven't been reading enough lately.
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  • My wife bought us a kit to try out together. That was 5 years ago. Now I'm obsessed. I have a four tap keg-o-rater, a RIMS system, I grow hops, harvest yeast and take on all sorts of weird side projects.
  • It's wide open right now. I have 3-5 recipes I'm kicking around but with it being summer I'm thinking crisp and hoppy or maybe some sort of wheat.
  • Christmas ale
  • What is secondary? I kid.
  • 2.5 Y/O Imperial Stout
  • Dry stout, wheat pale ale, porter and amber ale
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  • Posted in thread: Safety Concerns using feed grade barley on 01-24-2015 at 11:27 PM
    Malting companies carefully monitor the level of pesticide application on the grains they are
    purchasing. Growers selling to maltsters have to comply with these expectations or lose their
    contracts. O...

  • Posted in thread: Just scored 165 pounds of Maris otter for $120 😃😃😃 what should I brew ?? on 01-18-2015 at 01:32 PM
    I'd do a bunch of pale ales with just MO and 5% crystal 40-60. Then I might throw in a dry
    stout or two and some Scottish ales kept simple would be nice as well. For the Scottish you
    could use all MO ...

  • Posted in thread: What is your ideal ABV? on 01-16-2015 at 02:56 AM
    I'm an outlier here. My target is usually 4.5-5% ABV. Often going lower than this. Right now I
    have 5.0%, 4.8%, 4.1% and 3.0% beers on tap. I really don't like to get drunk very often at all
    and I lik...

  • Posted in thread: Azacca hops on 01-13-2015 at 01:54 PM
    I'm still holding out on providing a description of the batch I brewed with these hops. I used
    some specialty grains that were fairly old, and probably inappropriate for the beer anyhow. The
    gravity s...

  • Posted in thread: New mill - one man operation? on 01-02-2015 at 02:29 PM
    I use a BC. I always load it then hand crank. Mine has worn down quite a bit but its about 6
    years old and has run about 1500lbs of grain. It stopped grabbing the grain at the tight gap I
    like running...

  • Posted in thread: How many gallons of homebrew in 2015? on 01-02-2015 at 03:13 AM
    +5 Honey Ginger Ale=52 Gallons

  • Posted in thread: Great luck today on 01-02-2015 at 03:07 AM
    This afternoon I brewed up a Honey Ginger Ale. Everything went pretty smooth after I repaired
    some equipment that was damaged last time I brewed. Just before I started the boil my wife
    popped out the ...

  • Posted in thread: Honey malt in Ginger Ale on 12-30-2014 at 06:21 PM
    The title sums it up pretty well. I am going to make a ginger ale and ramp up the ginger a
    touch, compared to previous batches. So I thought I'd throw in some Honey Malt to balance
    things out and brin...

  • Posted in thread: My Journey To 20 Gallons and Beyond on 12-28-2014 at 01:50 AM
    That looks good. It's a compression fitting. I struggle getting this set because you need a
    clean cut on the end of your pipe. It should be simple if you attach it to a T because you
    won't need to cut...

  • Posted in thread: My Journey To 20 Gallons and Beyond on 12-27-2014 at 07:25 PM
    I don't have any photos of my manifold. I need to replace some parts in my rims tube, they are
    due to be here on Monday. When I pull things out for that I will take a couple pictures if you
    haven't al...

February 26, 2010  •  09:45 PM
Hey you got me thinking about filtration, so i did some research, and its exactly how we do it at the winery, even the final filter. It dose remove hop resin, but also removes a lot of other shit that can make a beer turn bad. Spending my Friday night reading about beer. Just ordered some RIMS parts!!!!

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