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  • Bargain Fittings is your source of quality weldless stainless steel fittings and parts at very low prices. rnrnWe are a growing company with the goal of serving you with respect and quality customer service.rnrnIf you ever have a special part or have question on upgrading or converting your brewing equipment contact us via email and get an answer quickly!rnrnThank you for your business and hope to serve you again soon.
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  • I started in 2004 with kits and progressed quickly to all grain brewing. I found such a great diversity and quality of people in the home brewing community that I started my business to help those in need of quality kits to convert their brew pots, kegs and coolers to make their beer! I'm a competition brewer and I have quickly come to understand that my beer can always get better and I really try to get consistent results. This is more than a hobby or obsession. It really is my way of life. Brewing has defined me and is the reason I get up and do what I do every day!
  • 2016 been brewing up alot of beerrn2009 - American lagers & ales. English Ales in between lagers to keep me in beer.rnrn2010 - ???? I've only brewed a few beers and entered quite a bit from last year. Meads have carried me to some very nice awards this year.
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  • Which coupling for which kettle?
    Thermometer and sight glass are the typical use for half coupling.Be sure you face them the
    right way and mark it so you weld it in right as they are tapered one direction.

  • Soldering Stainless steel
    Yes copper fittings work fine on the same OD stainless.The infrequent use will prevent the
    corrosion issues from electrolysis.

  • Yes, siphoning literally sucks
    Good post.I've used all the techniques including the one you just described. They all suck.
    :)Starting a siphon by pulling a vacuum with a shop vac or using c02 to push liquids usually
    wins with me no...

  • Craziest Experimental Beer Recipe
    Very early on I was all over the place. I brewed a beer with about 80% wheat bread and 20% 6
    row malt and lots of rice hulls.It converted fine and was pretty horrible. The worst sort of
    "bready" flavo...

  • Chugger Pump - HLT not draining completely with pump
    How is the pickup tube connected inside? I would guess you have air leaking into the connection
    on your pickup tube.

  • Good Advice
    A quick tip. Do not use sharpy on anything you then vacuum seal inside the bag.The sharpy smell
    tends to adulterate anything in the bag.

  • Silent Brew pumps on sale $135 - Stainless Head
    Not sure which pumps you are referring to but this pump is very solid construction.You have a

  • Silent Brew pumps on sale $135 - Stainless Head
    Very nice 7 gpm stainless steel head silent pump: $135Comes with 110 volt AC to 24 volt DC
    adapter, DC brew pump and a very nice snug hard rubber mounting bracket to reduce all the
    vibrations and nois...

  • Material appearing in airlock
    If you are worried just dump the liquid and refill it with fresh starsan.Is it actively blowing
    off krausen from the ferment?