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  • Bargain Fittings is your source of quality weldless stainless steel fittings and parts at very low prices. rnrnWe are a growing company with the goal of serving you with respect and quality customer service.rnrnIf you ever have a special part or have question on upgrading or converting your brewing equipment contact us via email and get an answer quickly!rnrnThank you for your business and hope to serve you again soon.
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  • I started in 2004 with kits and progressed quickly to all grain brewing. I found such a great diversity and quality of people in the home brewing community that I started my business to help those in need of quality kits to convert their brew pots, kegs and coolers to make their beer! I'm a competition brewer and I have quickly come to understand that my beer can always get better and I really try to get consistent results. This is more than a hobby or obsession. It really is my way of life. Brewing has defined me and is the reason I get up and do what I do every day!
  • 2016 been brewing up alot of beerrn2009 - American lagers & ales. English Ales in between lagers to keep me in beer.rnrn2010 - ???? I've only brewed a few beers and entered quite a bit from last year. Meads have carried me to some very nice awards this year.
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  • Material appearing in airlock
    If you are worried just dump the liquid and refill it with fresh starsan.Is it actively blowing
    off krausen from the ferment?

  • Chugger pumps
    A straight run out of the valve is usually best.You should be able to tighten up the fittings
    so they do not move if you prefer your setup.

  • Solder Temp fix Kettle question
    Yes it will work fine.

  • The Good-One Marshall Mod
    So how is the controller holding up? Looking to buy one myself.

  • Help with my "eggnog porter"?
    I would say pull off a measured sample and dose it with calculated amounts of sherry to get the
    right balance.Tough work but someone has to do it.

  • Finally Brewing
    Welcome to a great hobby!Sounds like you are on your way.

  • How do I plug my thermometer hole
    Hello,You would use a 1/2" NPT plug and a weldless kit:1/2" NPT Plug StainlessWeldless
    thermometer install kit for KEG or kettles

  • Weldless brew stand that won't kill me with fumes?
    Use anything easy and then use a stainless, aluminum or mild steel insert / heat shield around
    the burner to keep the stand from heating up.Standoffs between the insert and the stand and the
    burner at...

  • Stem packing washer for 2 piece ball valve?
    You can use some teflon packing to make a stem seal. They sell it on the repair bay in plumbing
    dept at home depot or lowes etc.Looks like a white rope. It comes in two sizes. Either works
    but the sma...

  • 2-row vs 6-row
    That will work. Some rice hulls is good insurance. I crush very fine and had 18 pounds 2 row to
    5 pounds of corn meal and still drained fine if a little slow.