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  • Bargain Fittings is your source of quality weldless stainless steel fittings and parts at very low prices.

    We are a growing company with the goal of serving you with respect and quality customer service.

    If you ever have a special part or have question on upgrading or converting your brewing equipment contact us via email and get an answer quickly!

    Thank you for your business and hope to serve you again soon.
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  • Wayne Yandell
  • North Texas Home Brewers Association
  • I started in 2004 with kits and progressed quickly to all grain brewing. I found such a great diversity and quality of people in the home brewing community that I started my business to help those in need of quality kits to convert their brew pots, kegs and coolers to make their beer! I'm a competition brewer and I have quickly come to understand that my beer can always get better and I really try to get consistent results. This is more than a hobby or obsession. It really is my way of life. Brewing has defined me and is the reason I get up and do what I do every day!
  • 2009 - American lagers & ales. English Ales in between lagers to keep me in beer.

    2010 - ???? I've only brewed a few beers and entered quite a bit from last year. Meads have carried me to some very nice awards this year.
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  • K97 yeast
    Yes. It is a German alt (ale) yeast and depending on the temperature you ferment out it will
    make some nice smells.

  • Pump House Ales.
    Looks good btw.

  • Pump House Ales.
    So how much has it cost? :):D:mug:

  • Original Gravity
    I agree. I would not worry over 4 points.

  • Pellicle formed on yeast cake
    It should be fine. If you clean and then sanitize it with two different sanitizers like that
    then you should be good.I've treated plastic buckets with that regimen and had clean

  • Building or finding a better bottling wand
    Are you using a 3/8" bottling wand and racking cane? I switched to 1/2" and it made a huge
    difference in the speed factor.

  • Cleaning gear
    Take a steel wire brush to the rollers and clean them up good and then use some air to blow the
    rollers clean.If you don't have a compressor, a can of keyboard air duster would work.

  • Issues Under-Shooting Ferm Temps w/ Probe In Wort (Temp Controlled Freezer)
    The best method in my experience is to tape the probe to outside of the fermenter and cover it
    with a bit of bubble wrap to isolate it from the air. You get much less of overshoot than
    submerging the ...

  • First Lager: Fermentation Timing Question
    Brewed this up yesterday with some minor changes.Magnum for bittering charge.Subbed in cluster
    for Centennial that I did not have.Pitched two packs of S-04It is chugging away and I will
    report back ho...

  • Want to build a CO2 manifold. Need help.
    Edit. BSPP is BSP parallel. HmmmLooks like a crap shoot getting them all to play together.