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  • Posted in thread: Ssbrewtech chronical pressurized transfer on 11-21-2015 at 04:36 AM
    Be prepared to bend the latches. Both of mine leaked a lot on pressure transfers, yes I had the
    pressure low enoughI actually emailed SS brewtech about that. They said it's won't hold much
    pressure by...

  • Posted in thread: DIY Glycol Chiller system (fermentor external) on 11-17-2015 at 01:57 AM
    This seems like a good project so I figured I'd bring it back to life.

  • Posted in thread: copper coil question for fermenter on 11-17-2015 at 01:55 AM
    What size and length of copper tubing would be the most efficient for wrapping a conical
    fermenter? For use with a glycol chiller of course.

  • Posted in thread: Moving to Colorado, getting rid of some stuff FREE. on 10-30-2015 at 11:42 AM
    Congratulations on the new job. I'm driving to Auburndale on Sunday and I could use the carboy
    if you still have it.

  • Posted in thread: Steam Kettle question on 10-28-2015 at 01:15 AM
    Does anyone on her know how much steam is needed to boil 200 gallons in a steam kettle? I'm
    asking because I ave an opportunity to buy a 200 gallon kettle, but the only boiler I have is
    an electric 16...

  • Posted in thread: SS conical fermenter on 10-25-2015 at 11:13 PM
    I'm looking for a 15 gal or bigger SS conical fermenter. It needs to be one that will hold
    pressure, has tri-clover fittings and a thermowell. I'm located in Savannah, Ga.

  • Posted in thread: Flask size vs. volume on 09-18-2015 at 01:47 PM
    Thanks. That makes sense about the turbulence and decanting.

  • Posted in thread: Flask size vs. volume on 09-17-2015 at 03:03 PM
    In regards to starter, is there any correlation between the depth of the wort and yeast growth?
    For example, could I make a 1L starter in a 5L flask since the wort is so shallow or does this
    cause som...

  • Posted in thread: TSP ratio question on 09-11-2015 at 02:27 AM
    Per this write-up ( one tablespoon per gallon.Thanks, I took a guess and used 1/4 cup per 5
    gallons which is fairly close to 1 TBS per gallon.

  • Posted in thread: TSP ratio question on 09-10-2015 at 02:07 AM
    Does anyone know who much pure TSP to add to 5 gallons of water for fermenter cleaning? I use
    Sanke kegs to ferment in and they are a pain to clean. I'm going to heat it to 180 degrees and


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