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  • Brewing for 12 years, come from a long line of Caribbean Bootleggers and Rumrunners.
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  • Water into Beer, it's Magic, Baby!
    Been brewing for a long time with carboys as fermenters, full boil, immersion copper chiller, Fermenator this year.
    I keg everything. I brew all grain or extract / grain, leaf hops, ( I grow Cascade) and liquid yeasts...


  • Posted in thread: kegging vs. bottling on 05-18-2007 at 02:51 PM
    After 12 years and countless batches, I don't think I have bottled in about 5 years.Bobby M is
    right about the learning curve to get comfortable with it...and I tend to brew for parties,
    rather than g...

  • Posted in thread: People Actually Like My Homebrew! on 05-18-2007 at 02:25 PM
    Been there! Mixed blessing...I have friends that get upset when they come over for a pool party
    and the kegs are empty. "When you gonna brew dude?" "Whenever you Miller Lite drinkers come
    over to help...

  • Posted in thread: Keg conditioning/ SHrinking C02 canister on 05-18-2007 at 12:44 PM
    Eager:The volume dial of your reg will read lower when you cool the co2... 1/3 sounds a bit
    high, I would check for leaks in your connections to be safe, although you said it did
    stabilize. A little s...

  • Posted in thread: Fermenator sanitizing on 05-17-2007 at 07:39 PM
    First brew with a fermenator coming up, I use carboys/bleach up to now.When I sanitize the
    fermenter with Iodophor, what are some ways to get the lid debugged?I'm making a vanilla honey
    cream ale for ...