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March 4, 2015  •  08:23 AM
Hi Austin, i recently cracked open a bottle from my first brew last Thursday from a semi extract 1 Gallon IPA. It was really good. Meanwhile I brewed another 1 gallon oatmeal stout which is now in its second week in the fermenter. That one I was more concerned about because there wasn't much activity going on in the Air lock. I know that isn't an indicator so much. But when I switched from the primary to the secondary fermenter it looked and smelled fine. So onward. I'm thinking of breaking away from buying kits and getting basic supplies from a local supplier soon but 1 I want to stay making 1 gallon recipes due to space allowances. 2 I want to keep it affordable 3 I don't or don't drink a lot. I like the taste of different craft beers but want to keep it at a minimum. So nailing down 1 particular recipe at this point doesn't seem all that appealing. But if I can break away from recipe kits and just brew anytime and save money in the process that would be great too.
March 4, 2015  •  02:32 PM
Have you ever done any recipes design or used recipe software? That can really help break the reliance on kits.

I've not really heard of one gallon all grain brews, but if you're looking to really customize your brew AG is the way to go.

If you already have brew gear the next step if just building out a recipe and ordering the correct amounts of everything. I've been working on 1 gallon wine batches and it's a lot easier to do there with fruit than ordering small amounts of grain, but still doable.

Let us know how it turns out!
April 15, 2015  •  01:44 AM
Getting on line and looking for recipes is a great way to go,if you like a specific type of beer you can buy the basic lme and dme for that type of beer. Adding more or less hops, dry hopping or adding flavors in the secondary is a great way to change the beer up. Once your out of the dme or lme try a different type.
May 19, 2015  •  09:49 PM
Can you please help me out in forum? I cannot post anything.
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