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  • Posted in thread: Help on Saison on 07-21-2009 at 01:16 AM
    I'd back the munich down to 10-15%. This style is supposed to be dry and crisp, not malty like
    the munich will give you. A high attenuation is desired in this style so make sure you mash
    low, 148-149,...

  • Posted in thread: Saison - Attenuation and Sugar Additions on 06-08-2009 at 09:58 PM
    I actually just pulled out a saison from hiding, that I made last year using this method. I
    used 10% table sugar in two seperate recipes, using different saison yeasts. For each recipe I
    added half of...

  • Posted in thread: Graduating on 06-03-2009 at 08:16 PM
    Document everything. Volumes, temperatures, times, etc. Have everything written down so that
    someone else could pick up your notes and recreate the events. This sounds meticulous, and it
    kind of is at...

  • Posted in thread: Need saison opinions on 06-01-2009 at 02:32 AM
    ive never used maris otter in a saison, but i dont see why you couldnt. I do think that the
    crystal rye is unecessary. malted rye would be fine, and i have used this with success, but
    crystal rye is g...

  • Posted in thread: New Hop Variety on 04-15-2009 at 02:02 PM
    is it possible that sierra nevada has a contract on these hops and owns the right to them??
    just a thought.

  • Posted in thread: British Mild/Ordinary Bitter w/ Pacific Northwest. (NW) Ingredients on 04-15-2009 at 02:00 PM
    regardless of using chocolate or RB, I wonder if you should use Munich 10 L and not the 20L. I
    think that is going to provide more melanoidans than youd want. However, if you werent going to
    use any c...

  • Posted in thread: Another pale ale recipe critique......(sigh) on 04-10-2009 at 08:31 PM
    Hey all. Thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone has any issues with it. Im
    using the rest of the hops that have been sitting in my freezer for the last 6 months. Thought
    a pale ale wou...

  • Posted in thread: honey kolsch on 04-02-2009 at 01:23 PM
    What recipe are you using?Kolsch should really have noble hops, but its your beer!

  • Posted in thread: Tettnanger Lager on 04-02-2009 at 01:22 PM
    ''What's the advantage of the 90 min boil?''90 minute boil reduces DMS associated with pilsner

  • Posted in thread: Free Brewmasters Tasting Kit - Killian's Red on 04-02-2009 at 01:17 PM
    I guess I should have read the entire thread. Plastic?! scoff...

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