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  • Posted in thread: Digital thermometer needed for mashing? on 02-21-2009 at 03:52 PM
    Actually that is a pretty good price for a thermometer with a NIST cert.Ant

  • Posted in thread: How many gallons of homebrew in 2009? on 02-21-2009 at 03:45 PM
    2261+15 = 2276

  • Posted in thread: DIY Network HB Show 2/18 8:00 ET on 02-18-2009 at 06:00 PM
    The DIY network is airing an episode of the program Yard Crashers. Tonight's topic is Building
    a Backyard Brewery.It airs at 8 PM ET.Linkage

  • Posted in thread: I'm a partial mash virgin and have questions on 02-16-2009 at 04:43 PM
    So I have some questions.1) Is a single step infusion ok? I heard in most cases it is, and you
    would want to use a multistep infusion (protien rest) only with low modified malts. Im not
    really sure wh...

  • Posted in thread: Brand-new brewer questions. on 02-16-2009 at 02:10 AM
    And yes your ale is on track.A problem you might have if your mates b-day is appraoacing fast,
    is that (for the most part) big beers (high ABV) tend to take longer to mature into something
    that tastes...

  • Posted in thread: Brand-new brewer questions. on 02-16-2009 at 02:02 AM
    Malt Extract = Malt ConcentrateYes that is correct. At least it should be.Ant

  • Posted in thread: Brand-new brewer questions. on 02-16-2009 at 01:30 AM
    Cleaning with bleach is fine. If you want to sanitize you may want to try some of the no rinse
    sanitizers out there. (starsan, idophor)To increase the ABV, increase the fermentables in a
    given volume....

  • Posted in thread: Brewmasters warehouse can't ship within Georgia? on 02-15-2009 at 10:20 PM
    Protected territories suck, period. It allows lazy dealers to be the only stop for our product
    based only on the fact that they've always dealt the product.+1000Ant

  • Posted in thread: Choosing a dry yeast on 02-15-2009 at 04:09 PM
    Mostly you would choose one over the other for its flavor profile, and attenuation properties.
    As an example, I like US-05 for a drier/cleaner finish, and I use Notty if I want a little
    residual sweet...

  • Posted in thread: Papazian's "Who's in the Garden" Hoegaarden Clone on 02-15-2009 at 01:39 PM
    +1 on the honey. It always seems to take longer to ferment out when I add honey to a brew.Ant

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