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  • Posted in thread: Ball lock QD on the outside of collar? on 08-21-2007 at 11:03 PM
    I think I saw a picture of somebody's keggerator where they had hooked up their CO2 through the
    side of the collar on the chest freezer with a ball lock QD.Whose is that and what was used to
    mount it ...

  • Posted in thread: My Brewery Pics on 08-19-2007 at 07:41 AM
    Well that depends on what paint you can get for free :)I have a daughter due in the next couple
    weeks. I 've been working on my soda making skills for the last 8 1/2 months.I hope she's as
    interested ...

  • Posted in thread: My beer pron on 08-19-2007 at 07:35 AM
    If you're going to rip off kegs, can't you isolate it to A-B?:) You have a nice setup in the
    works. Gotta quit typing now so as to avoid the carpal tunnel...

  • Posted in thread: Maryland Brew Day - Aug 18 2007 on 08-19-2007 at 07:29 AM
    What does your ghetto ass hopback consist of. It would fit in with all the rest of my
    equipment.Is it a dirty sock?:cross: That's how you get the wild yeast!Seriously though, what
    are you using?

  • Posted in thread: Collar on a mini-fridge - it can be done! on 08-19-2007 at 07:01 AM
    Hey, I give you props for going to all that trouble to use what you already got. My lazy a**
    just bought a bigger fridge. I have one mini sitting outside that just collects dust.

  • Posted in thread: Lawnmower 2007 on 08-19-2007 at 06:54 AM
    you need to check out St. Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower from Houston.If you call the brewery and
    talk to them real sweet, they can send you a sticker to put on your lawnmower

  • Posted in thread: The Bar is Open!! on 08-19-2007 at 06:49 AM
    yes that is purty, but we need to sse the inner workings and what have you got on the right
    that so nicely matches the wood stain?And, I like the nuns!

  • Posted in thread: My Fermentation 'closet' on 08-19-2007 at 06:41 AM
    Back in the college days, Popov was my top choice for buying cheap vodka and lying to the
    Ladies that it was really some good stuff. It used to have a more attractive label.It is a pity
    that so much o...

  • Posted in thread: For the Future Bar on 08-19-2007 at 06:34 AM
    Rock on, little daschaunds! How the hell do you spell that?Nice dog. And nice sign. I used to
    buy signs on Ebay, back in the day when there weren't a bazillion people jacking prices through
    the roof. ...

  • Posted in thread: Alcohol Abuse on 08-19-2007 at 06:25 AM
    It is shameful that you would show such a graphic image. It makes me sick to think about all
    those beers that died unfulfilled.I am holding a memorial service for them presently. I will
    attempt to con...