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  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 01-20-2011 at 02:38 PM
    Did you just rack the first beer off and pour the other Saison directly on the cake?That's
    exactly what I did! It works out great, if you keep it sanitary and wash your yeast
    periodically you can keep...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 10-30-2009 at 10:26 PM
    Update. So I did a smaller gravity Saison with the third generation of this yeast cake. It was
    a 1050 with just 10 lbs of pills and half a pound of wheat malt, and it also attenuated down to
    1. So sug...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 10-24-2009 at 08:13 PM
    Awesome Wilson. I just started cracking into my Pumpkin Saisons, they're a real crowd pleaser,
    it's got nice balance- Not too much pumpkin or spice flavor. The 3711 compliments this beer
    quite well. I...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 09-14-2009 at 03:33 PM
    Just tried my Saison the other night, and I think I may be in love. This beer is crisp, dry and
    silky smooth with loads of spice, pepper and fruit. You'd never guess it's 10.5% from the
    pallet, but it...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 09-08-2009 at 11:40 PM
    when you racked to secondary did you repitch yeast or just rely on what was in solution?Rely on
    what's in solution.but didnt get quite as high gravity...1068, but it may still be a bit warm,
    so could ...

  • Posted in thread: The Minstrel Sour on 09-02-2009 at 11:49 PM
    How is it coming along? Gone?

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 09-02-2009 at 11:44 PM
    One week later and the gravity is at 1.001! 9% ABV Pumpkin Saison!

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 08-28-2009 at 05:22 AM
    OK! So I did the Pumpkin Spice Saison! I didn't think ahead so I went to my local HBS/Work to
    pick up supplies. 10# American 2 row.5# Wheat malt.5# Crystal 60.5# Toasted Marris Otter3#
    Libbey's 100% p...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 08-27-2009 at 10:16 PM
    Thanks for the advice Ethan, I just bottled this one today, it attenuated down to 1.000. This
    yeast is pretty amazing. How long did you let yours set before cracking into one? I'm thinking
    this one is...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Ete on 08-23-2009 at 09:16 PM
    Bottling this one tomorrow, FG of 1.004!!!!!!!! 10% ABV 95% Attenuation! Tasting notes will
    come in the future