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  • Posted in thread: Some small HERMS questions on 08-02-2014 at 12:10 PM
    In my setup, I have a pid reading the HLT, and a pid reading the MLT, both auber pid's with rtd
    sensors. My MLT is not insulated, just stainless keggles. To give you a quick example, I brewed
    last Sat...

  • Posted in thread: Grainger Float Switch? Anyone? on 10-18-2012 at 01:07 PM
    The ones that I have are only rated for 12v dc so I k ow mine won't work without adding steps
    own transformers and 12v relays

  • Posted in thread: Control Panel for Kal Clone on 09-21-2012 at 03:24 PM
    ow, to order those pricey fittings.Bobby at brew hardware dot com, good prices, awesome service

  • Posted in thread: Control Panel for Kal Clone on 09-20-2012 at 06:44 PM
    That is exactly how I did it as well. It did take awhile, but the bank funds like it a lot
    more. I only had around 500 in mine, an that's with the auber pids and timer. Just be patient
    and look for go...

  • Posted in thread: Questions on testing GFCI breaker on 09-07-2012 at 02:25 PM
    Trying to understand electricity sometimes is like trying to understand a woman (no offense to
    any women that may read this) but how does all that not come into play when your ground and
    neutral wires...

  • Posted in thread: Tapping / Mounting on Backpanel: HOW TO? on 09-06-2012 at 02:02 PM
    The same panel is on its way to me to be delivered by Friday. Not sure I need to tap as I've
    got bolts/nuts for days to secure.The only problem with nuts and bolts is that you will have a
    lot of work ...

  • Posted in thread: Dry fired. Is my element dead? on 08-30-2012 at 10:58 AM
    The way mine is set up is my strike water and sparge water is in the HLT along with the water
    level to cover the herms coil, could have gone to sparge and the water level dropped, not to
    mention the a...

  • Posted in thread: Grainger Float Switch? Anyone? on 08-29-2012 at 02:28 PM
    Just make sure you use a continuity tester before you mount it to make sure you are mounting it
    the correct way. The one I received had to be mounted in the downward position. Really all it
    is is a ma...

  • Posted in thread: Grainger Float Switch? Anyone? on 08-28-2012 at 02:01 AM
    I got the same (looking) float switch from eBay for 8 bucks. The only down side is they come
    from hong kong, so don't be in a hurry, but mine work just fine.

  • Posted in thread: Float switch in boil kettle? on 08-23-2012 at 05:25 PM
    Since I was only half way through building mine and decided I was going to build another one
    that made things a little cleaner inside, I'll have to steal your idea for my next build, thank