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  • Orson Scott Cards Ender series
  • Did my first brew in 1973, I had 2 friends Tall Dave and Auggiebrew who did a brew on National home brew day at Homewine supply in Dundee Mi. Auggie also known short Dave, talked me into brewing from a cooler. 12 years later its still the same. HWS brews big batches and sells the wort. So I do about 3 brews with them and 12 all-grain a year. I also make 150+ bottles of wine a year from whole grapes from california. All my wines are aged 2 years on oak and 1 year in the bottle. I do brew a nice scottish ale at 11%, Russian imperial, I have cloned Founders Breakfast Stout, and some nice english IPA(now with honey.
  • My English IPA with honey 4 batches
    1 batches my House Scottish Ale
    1 batch my Johnnie Walker REd Scottish ale(add med toast american oak soaked a month in Johnnie walker Red to secondary for 2+ months
    1 batch breakfast stout
    10 gal 2/3 syrah 1/3 petite syrah
    10 gal Sangivesse
    5 gal Cab
    5 gal 1/3chardonay1/3 Semilliom 1/3 saugvan blanc(Conomdron Clone)
  • English IPA with honey
    Russian imperial Stout(from Homewine supply)
    Sourdough Scottish Ale
    Coffee Stout
    40 gals wine
  • English IPA
    50 bottles wine
  • I bottle ferment.
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  • Posted in thread: Fireside Barleywine on 09-07-2015 at 09:04 PM
    Just cracked my parti-gyle. I tasted light carmel so you can add sugar at the start of boil and
    increase the carmel flavor. The botlles I oaked with French oak had as expected a light oak
    flavor and I...

  • Posted in thread: Fireside Barleywine on 08-28-2015 at 06:55 PM
    3 weeks a go I did a hop slam with a partiqyle. I used 18 lbs Maris otterIgot 1.091 before
    adding honey and 1.094 after.The parti-gyle game out at the start of boil at 1.033. I added 2
    lbs table sugar...

  • Posted in thread: adding coffee beans in secondary fermentation on 08-27-2015 at 08:14 PM
    Since I'm perfect, I did not even notice I switch the base beer from founders base of oatmeal
    stout to RIS. Having admitted mistake, and I'm still perfect, my friends all one of them like
    the switch t...

  • Posted in thread: Parti-gyle(2nd runings) results on 08-26-2015 at 07:51 PM
    Since I've been brewing since 1973, I think I have some experience. this is a discussion of my
    results in second running. First I a cooler brewer. I have two boiling kettle, a 30 qt and a 20
    qt. So I ...

  • Posted in thread: Fireside Barleywine on 07-23-2015 at 04:54 PM
    I am going to run this recipe in August. I have a question. Why not put the sugar in at the
    start of the boil? This should develop the caramel flavor within a 60 minute boil and cut down
    on boil time....

  • Posted in thread: cooler brewer new personal Record on 07-17-2015 at 01:50 AM
    Racked a full 2.5 and a full 5.0 Gravity was 1.022. to the 5gal I added8 oz of dark toasted
    French oak that has been soaking in Johnnie walker Red since January. Drained and tasted the
    Red actually li...

  • Posted in thread: barleywine on 07-17-2015 at 01:25 AM
    My Gentleman's coffee Stout was racked to secondary In June. It's base is an RIS. will bottle
    in November for drinking in December through When ever it runs out. Cannot seem to get a year
    on it. Anyth...

  • Posted in thread: barleywine on 07-17-2015 at 01:17 AM
    okay so I'm going to get crucified. I just racked my Scottish OG1092 into secondary. Will
    bottle in November. I'm looking at a barley wine to drink in January at a minimum. a month in
    fermentation is ...

  • Posted in thread: cooler brewer new personal Record on 07-07-2015 at 10:08 PM
    Chickypad,My goal was 9.0 Gallons at 1.090. So as far as efficiency is concerned I was on my
    target except for I only got 7.5gal at 1.092. I got 2.0 gal first running.Then I added 2.5 Gal
    H2O until I ...

  • Posted in thread: cooler brewer new personal Record on 07-07-2015 at 01:39 AM
    I pushed the limits of my 15 year old 10 gal cooler. 41 pounds one ounce of grain. held at 150
    within 1/4 inch from lip. okay so I had some run over.Produced 50 quarts for boil. ended up
    with 7.5 gals...


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