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  • Posted in thread: Franken-Chiller on 06-18-2008 at 05:16 PM
    Just a note. This chiller (actually it was the third gen Franckenchiller) was featured in the
    HomeBrew Nation section of BYO this month.

  • Posted in thread: aluminum budlight bottles? on 04-07-2008 at 10:20 PM
    I myeslf have wondered what the finish is. I've searched all over the internet, and found nada.
    The company that produces the bottles was also very tightlipped about the finish.

  • Posted in thread: aluminum budlight bottles? on 04-06-2008 at 03:09 AM
    I use 'em all the time. They're great.Did you sand off the finish, and paint on fresh colors?
    Or just scuff up, and paint over the old (anodized?) finish?

  • Posted in thread: 10gal Fermenter- Split 2ndary on 03-06-2008 at 04:54 AM
    Thanks for the input. This is a porter that was based loosely around the Bourbon Barrel Porter
    of Northern Brewer. We're still at odds with whether or ot to add a small amount of Maker's
    Mark to one o...

  • Posted in thread: 10gal Fermenter- Split 2ndary on 03-05-2008 at 07:10 PM
    We did our first 10 gal batch a few weeks ago, and it's time to rack to secondary. We plan on
    using 2 5gal carboys. My question is, will the beer be consistent throughout the 10gallons?
    Over a period ...

  • Posted in thread: Russian River Beers *please help* on 12-21-2007 at 12:58 AM
    Have you checked Liquor Mart in Boulder? They have a an excellent selection of Belgians. I even
    saw the Duchess there last time.I haven't been there yet. I think that I can make a trip up
    that way thi...

  • Posted in thread: Russian River Beers *please help* on 12-20-2007 at 04:35 PM
    You might be able to find some Jolly Pumpkin, Liefmans, Rodenbach or Cantillon. If not, PM me
    and I'll see what's around local to me.I've checked every liquor store in the immediate area
    (small places...

  • Posted in thread: Russian River Beers *please help* on 12-19-2007 at 08:16 PM
    My buddy and I have been kicking around the idea of doing sour beers. La Folie has quickly
    become a favorite around my house, and New Belgium is only about 45 mins north! We want to be
    able to try as ...

  • Posted in thread: Franken-Chiller on 12-14-2007 at 02:59 AM
    I wonder if he'll be able to get a good flow out of that. Think he can cut out one of those
    loops for me?That was my question! The thing is also going to waste a ton of aqua. I think
    we'll need to fin...

  • Posted in thread: Franken-Chiller on 12-13-2007 at 08:39 PM
    you really, truly, seriously suck dude ;)It ain't mine. It's my buddy's

Primary 1:Dry-Hopped IPA Primary 2: Empty Primary 3: Empty Primary 4:Belgian Wit 3 Gal Primary: Edwort's Apfelwein Secondary 1:Honey Kolsch Secondary 2: Irish Republiking Ale Secondary 3: Empty Kegged: NB Honey Brown, Good Brewer Hefeweizen Bottle Conditioning: Belgian Tripel, Coffee Stout, Edwort's Apfelwein, Irish Republiking Ale, Cider with Dark Brown Sugar. Drinking: Initial IPA, and LHBS Amber, Good Brewers Hefe. Lotsa New Belgium, and any sour beer I can get my hands on.