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  • Too long of a story...began brewing in the early 90s with a kit I bought while in Vt.--lived in Pittsburgh, Pa at the time.

    Started with extracts, moved on to all-grain and now have a 10 gallon contraption that keeps on growing in complexity.
  • Belgians, Belgians and more Belgians. A few English and German brews for kicks and giggles. I'm all about the "estery" ales--Hefe-Wiesens, Wits...
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  • Bottles? Who needs stinkin' bottles? Seriously. I'm bottling a number of Belgian beers.
  • English Cider, Robust Porter, Some weird Belgian concoction that may take months before I'll give it a second sip.
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  • Posted in thread: Saison Dupont attempt with 3724 on 05-25-2011 at 02:33 PM
    One other thing. There is a noticeable skunkiness in Dupont's vieille provision that many would
    perceive as a light-struck funk, although rather pleasant in this case. I have seen photos of
    Brasserie ...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Dupont attempt with 3724 on 05-25-2011 at 11:50 AM
    The book, "Farmhouse Ales" offers a lot of details about brewing a Saison, including a lot of
    specifics about Dupont's vieille provision. Saison is one of my favorite beers to both brew and
    consume th...

  • Posted in thread: First Yeast Starter - Getting Odd Results on 05-07-2009 at 03:24 AM
    A copy and paste from the White Labs site:I am toward the end of a recent brew (bottle
    conditioning phase) and had a question about WLP001 California Ale Yeast. O.G. was 1.07 and I
    wanted about a 1.01...

  • Posted in thread: How many bottles do you have? on 04-29-2009 at 09:39 PM
    I have very few long-necks sitting around--only enough for when I think a brew is worth
    entering into a comp. Mainly, I have about four dozen Grolsch and Fisher Ale bottles and a
    number of other odd-s...

  • Posted in thread: tweaking a cooper's wheat kit on 04-29-2009 at 08:20 PM
    Honey needs to be boiled in order to convert the sugars to be readily fermentable (one of the
    reasons why unboiled meads take such a long time to ferment), but the flavor is lost in the
    boil. If you a...

  • Posted in thread: ? about yeast in bottles on 04-28-2009 at 01:26 AM
    Nope, I don't have a beer gun. I use this technique: has a video (posted later in the thread)
    that explains it. It's the same basic counterpressure idea as a beergun, but with $1 price tag
    on it.One...

  • Posted in thread: ? about yeast in bottles on 04-28-2009 at 12:58 AM
    How do you bottle from your kegs? This seems to be the sticking point. Do you use a beer gun?

  • Posted in thread: ? about yeast in bottles on 04-28-2009 at 12:36 AM
    If you purge the bottles with co2, then use a counterpressure filler, the beer is LESS
    oxygenated than simply bottling the regular way. You're pushing the carbed beer with co2, and
    putting it into a c...

  • Posted in thread: ? about yeast in bottles on 04-27-2009 at 11:20 PM
    Everything in this quote is inaccurate. Just thought I'd point that out.How is everything
    inaccurate? Please elaborate.Jeez, I'm here as a premium member for less than a day and I have
    some kid who ha...

  • Posted in thread: Greeting and salutations from South Carolina on 04-27-2009 at 11:01 PM
    Thanks, Dragontail. I'm impressed with your wide variety of "brews". I've been accumulating a
    collection of local and commercial honeys in order to try my hand at making a mead. I harvested
    some yeast...