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  • I like to brew and make things. I am of Scottish and German descent and love wearing my kilt, eating sauerkraut, and drinking my beer. The best thing about wearing a kilt whilst drinking should be obvious, lol.

    Anyone else kiltie?
  • Metal casting,machining,anything fun and crafty.
  • I'z a Maintenance Technician now!
  • Now, that's just Recockulous!!
  • Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd definitely, Audioslave, Rage against machine, Alice in Chains, Metallica
  • Caddyshack, Vacation, Beerfest, Tin Cup, Grandma's Boy..................
  • CSI, Dexter, Weeds, Californication
  • Designing Great Beers, Homebrewer's Bible, How to Win Friends and Influence People (ok kidding there
  • Pi Kappa Alpha, BSA Eagle Scout, thats about it right now.
  • As for a little bit about me, I've been brewing since I was 14 (20+ years now) and still keep adding to my arsenal of ideas and techniques thanks to this forum. I may do things a little different, but I always love a good experiment. Here as of late, I have been experimenting with higher pressure fermentation and have adapted a system I really enjoy working with fermenting in big Sanke kegs. You can check that out by copying this link here> http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f13/closed-system-pressurized-fermentation-technique-44344/
  • Everything is "on the list!"
  • Nada, my cupboards are bare and can't even reach my equipment after the move :(
  • Your Mom uses a secondary, lol.
  • Pffft, bottle, right... I'm too lazy to bottle.
  • Sanitizer and some are just full of CO2 right now :(
  • Male
  • Married
  • Edmond, OK
  • Oklahoma


"Beer... Nutritious and Delicious!" Ever heard of Completely Closed-System Pressurized Fermentation in a Sanke Keg?"It's like a 15.5 gallon Mr. Beer!"
August 7, 2008  •  06:10 PM

Here is a link to my thread about my sculpture.

She is called BREWtality.


August 7, 2008  •  06:22 PM
Have you tried typing out the embedded code?
August 7, 2008  •  06:24 PM
August 7, 2008  •  06:24 PM
I guess that doesn't work either
August 7, 2008  •  08:46 PM
Thanks for the add. I didn't even know this feature existed until today.
August 16, 2008  •  08:43 PM
Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of alcohol.
August 22, 2008  •  03:59 AM
thx. the fish sure tasted good! caught it out of lake powell
August 28, 2008  •  05:08 PM
Thanks. I appreciate the comment. I wanted to keep it brief and to the point. I hope it helps out everyone when they start harvesting hops because there wasn't one video on youtube that was about harvesting hops and what to look for.

August 28, 2008  •  05:32 PM
It was funny, the night before I kept telling my wife to remind me to talk about the effects hops have on dogs. I completely forgot to mention it the first run through so we had to start over the drying phase and that's when I included the dog info. That's why there is a fade in to that part of the video. But it all worked out well.

August 29, 2008  •  06:01 PM
It was good- Cooked and smothered in Colby Jack.

Yours sounds fantastic! I will have to try that soon!
August 30, 2008  •  01:14 AM
Hey man-

The hops are doing so-so. My Cascade's are about 16 feet and flowered about a month ago. A few of them are starting to look like hops. The hallertau's are another story. They just hit 8 feet and have nothing.

I don't think I'll get anything out of them this year. I'm banking on next year though!

Are you growing any? I've followed some of your threads in the past. Man, very impressive, especially the tun you covered with bed-liner. Y
August 30, 2008  •  01:55 PM
I'm Back!

Hops are doing great! I am getting a healthy second crop from one of my bines and I am going to get a bumper crop out of another.

Get the house yet? If so (and if not) when are you getting your ass down here to party?
September 10, 2008  •  06:28 PM
Thanks for the add, WortMonger - to be honest, I didn't even know that this feature was here. Even more toys to play with - yay!

September 10, 2008  •  06:56 PM
Thanks for the add Monger.
September 10, 2008  •  07:36 PM
thanks for the add, WM.
September 10, 2008  •  07:53 PM
Good on you! Keep it up. Most of my kilts are from USA Kilts (usakilts.com). They do great work in a few different fabrics so you don't have to worry about messing up your wool tank on brew day! I also have a few I did myself, some Utilikilts, Amerikilts and Stillwater Kilts.
September 11, 2008  •  08:01 PM
Hey there!

I just have my UtiliKilt right now, but I think I'd like to find a tartan or two that I like.
September 11, 2008  •  10:58 PM
Thanks for the add WM
September 11, 2008  •  11:37 PM
Hey WM,

Just because you know there's a car in the garage, doesn't mean you don't wonder if it's a Hummer or a Bug!
September 11, 2008  •  11:53 PM
You wouldn't be braggin' would you? ;)
September 12, 2008  •  03:51 AM
Back and forth between the Black Watch and the U.S. Army Tartan. I've also got a flannel New Scotland for around the house.
October 13, 2008  •  04:38 AM
Hey, let me know how the Moosehead clone works out and where you bought it from... kp
October 14, 2008  •  07:10 PM
i hear tell they are supposed to be working on a remake of the evil dead movie.... but more serious im afraid?

waiting for them to release army of darkness on blu-ray... then my life would be at peace.....tweet tweet....sunset....happy ending.
October 18, 2008  •  05:25 PM
Thanks for the add. Cheers
October 28, 2008  •  05:01 PM

Hey, long time no talk, how've ya been? I kind of disappeared for a while.

Bought a house with my girl back in May, and this last week we just got back from Maui, which is where we got married. The reception will be this coming Saturday, and it'll be nice to have all of the big stuff over.

Hopefully it should start to settle down soon, and I can work up to my first brew. Hope you don't mind if I bug the hell out of you for info.

November 7, 2008  •  05:29 PM
Thanks for the add...

My first on HBT!

November 19, 2008  •  03:49 AM
Hey WM,

You left a comment on my page a while back. Sorry I didn't reply. I just this second realized such a thing existed.

I'm a moron.
June 12, 2009  •  09:09 PM
Thanks for the confidence builder. I'm really not a bad guy. I just think its ridiculous to comment on English skills in a homebrew ******. This Hefeweizen was my first partial mash and my first wheat. The few others I've done have been just stuff I've thrown together that I thought might be good... but were not. My first was a Brewers Best American Light which I've been told tasted just like it should. (That doesn't necessarily mean good!) I've just discovered that I like Hefeweizen and
October 29, 2009  •  07:44 PM
Love the screenname!
February 9, 2011  •  11:52 AM
WM, just have to say thanks. My all-grain setup is almost complete and I owe the design inspiration (hanging kegs off a basketball post) to seeing your three-tier setup.

December 19, 2014  •  11:57 AM
I am now a reborn brewer mainly of Basic Imperial IPAs. I am learning the new gotchas as I go. I have a kegerator and CO2 apparatus plus the means of creating a wort. As I could never get beer stored in a growler to stay carbonated I now only use them to store what I cannot get into a 5 gallon Corny. First problem encounterd required the purchase of a better propane stove after my discovery that a turkey/fish fryer had too concentrated heat hence burned the barley syrup on the bottom of my 24 quart kettle. This first run is now in my Corny in my freezerator ready for a Xmas sampling. After having bought a used Kegerator I intended to use it while I waited on my first home brew to mature. So I bought one then a second commericial Pony Keg (Kabach's Rodeo Clown and next Clown Shoes Snow Cake). I had bought the required Sanke D coupler from our local Brewers shop downtown Houston (DeFalcos) but not all their crew are equally expert. The Sanke D did not have the large black rubber grommet installed. Without I was loosing pressure all the time out of the keg. I knew I was loosing gas but from where? I had believed that I was winning by turning off the valve on the CO2 bottle each time but all the gas I had injected into the keg was disappearing. Problem solved once a senior member of the DeFalco crew saw what I had. I will also give my two Party Pig kegs another try. This time I added a line from the three ported brass manifold delivering the CO2 in order to pressurize the Pig and activate its pouch. By doing this I cut back on the amount of priming sugar hoping the extended exposure to CO2 will supply better carbonation without adding more trub to make the beer cloudy ( a previous problem). A question I will ask here is how can one open a Pony Keg??? Having opened it does it require special equipment to clean and then refill it with a homebrew?