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  • Heard that it was cheaper to brew, than to buy at store (boy was that one wrong for me, I love adding to my setup). Better beer at affordable prices is my motto.rnrn9-1-9 Commitment to All Grain brewing. rnrnWhat this forum has done for me...rnSpend a LOT of money, on some great equipment (loving it).rnrnCurrent: 2L stirplate. Corona grinder (mounted in the five gallon bucket). 7 Gal SS Strike with Valve, Sightglass, Temp Gauge. 10 gal Igloo MT with Sparge Sprinkler/Bazooka SS Braid, 14 Gal SS Boil Kettle with Valve, Sightglass, Temp Gauge. 2 primaries (glass) 2 primaries plastic buckets, 2 secondaries. Three Tier Brew Tree set up for 10 gallon batches. March Pump for Jamil "Swirling Chiller" setup.rnrnSanyo two faucet tower kegerator.rnrnGarbaretor with wheels rigged to have two 5 gallon cornies, Spouts only thing visible sticking out, use small 16 gm CO2 to push.rnrnEight cornies.rnrnUpdate:rnrnNow EVERYTHING is for sell.
  • Everything, that is after Jesus Christ returns and his 1000 year reign begins.
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    Give it to me!

  • Posted in thread: Making Birch Beer from scratch on 12-28-2013 at 08:17 PM
    Thanks for the thread, TgOThunder......interested.

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    Stuntman-- is this what you were thinking? Keg Connection It's the one I bought to start with,
    and then moved to the keg. thought that was it, then I started looking all over my links (I am
    still get...

  • Posted in thread: Soda Stream on 05-01-2013 at 08:00 PM
    I am trying to back track where I found the kit that I want. It is not pretty, it is a tank,
    regulator and hose, quick connect cap that fits a 2 liter. You squeeze out the air, and pop in
    the CO2 and ...

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