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  • Posted in thread: Is this just yeast being yeast, or do I kill it with fire... on 09-29-2014 at 02:40 AM
    I'm doing a bit more brewing than I'm used to at the moment with beer. My sister has a wedding
    coming toward the end of November and wants me to brew some stuff for it. So I have two 10
    gallon batches...

  • Posted in thread: Dilemma transfer from bucket to carboy or carboy to bucket on 02-10-2014 at 05:04 AM
    Well this is a pickle I didn't intend on.Right now I have a melomel that's sat in a primary
    bucket for a month. I need to transfer it to secondary and begin its second fruit addition
    which it will sit...

  • Posted in thread: Spike Brewing 12.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter Giveaway! on 01-10-2014 at 11:13 AM
    For glory!!

  • Posted in thread: Suggestions on a Braggot? on 10-13-2013 at 12:07 PM
    If you make a grain (as opposed to extract) based one, adding some banana can bring out the
    malty sweetness.I found that because I was experimenting with banana and put a 1lb jar of
    extract into the "...

  • Posted in thread: Suggestions on a Braggot? on 10-12-2013 at 08:04 AM
    Buying tons of honey gearing up for a few meads, cyser and melomel here and the two projects
    I'd like to return too and have another go at are the ones I've had some success at but a lot
    of sad attemp...

  • Posted in thread: Pure Madness? THIS IS CINNAMON CYSER!!! on 09-16-2013 at 07:21 AM
    I have some apple juice I have been waiting to find the right recipe to use it in. This sounds
    like a winner since I like cinnamon and I am a beekeeper so honey sits around everywhere. Would
    you share...

  • Posted in thread: Pure Madness? THIS IS CINNAMON CYSER!!! on 09-14-2013 at 11:13 AM
    Cleaning out my brew closet listening to Fallout 3 music I came across 3 forgotten bottles of
    an attempt at a Cinnamon Cyser. It was bottled around 4/13. Crystal clear yellow up until you
    reach the bo...

  • Posted in thread: A much needed Thank You to this site and its members. on 09-10-2013 at 11:53 AM
    This may come off as a rant but bare with me here.11 years ago after my family moved from
    California to Washington and we saw their home literally over run with wild blackberries. They
    talked about ma...

  • Posted in thread: Summer Giveaway! on 08-29-2013 at 08:11 PM
    I'll buy that for a dollar! I'm in.

  • Posted in thread: What began as a Keezer and turned into a Kegerator I'm learning to love. on 08-17-2013 at 02:05 AM
    Today managed to hook up the co2 lines and splitter. Would've set up both that and the nitro
    but still waiting on a 3" 3/8 pipe, was surprised both Lowes and Home Depot were out but meh,
    stout won't b...

"Wine was invented by the Romans... for orgies. And orgies are not too much fun if no-one wants to do it with you." ~Dr. Steve Brule “The day hums sweetly when you have enough bees working for you.” ~The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen