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  • Posted in thread: Clumpy WLP002 on 11-11-2010 at 08:53 AM
    WLP007 does the same thing. Sure is ugly isn't it? :cross: A little :off: but related to WLP007
    and WLP002. I have only used WLP007 once (ran it side by side with WLP022) and noticed it
    dropped to the...

  • Posted in thread: "BYO British Real Ale" and funky EBC values on 11-11-2010 at 08:38 AM
    I was reading the third edition of the book put out by CAMRA and noticed that many of the EBC
    values given for beers seem ridiculous. The first beer listed is a mild with an EBC of 100;
    which is like ...

  • Posted in thread: Garage Brewing in Cold Weather on 11-11-2010 at 08:19 AM
    For the record I am in New Jersey where it does get quite cold in the winter. New Jersey?
    That's practically Florida for Pete's sake. I've seen snow on July 2nd. My frost line goes down
    almost 3 feet...

  • Posted in thread: English Best Bitter Recipe Development on 11-10-2010 at 07:13 AM
    I am firmly convinced that the reduction in sweetness is caused primarily by the reduction in
    the amount of crystal, rather than the reduction in mash temperature. +1 on keeping the
    percentage of crys...

  • Posted in thread: English Best Bitter Recipe Development on 11-10-2010 at 07:10 AM
    How does the mash thickness affect the beer - this is something I've never understood. I'm also
    looking forward to reading about this. I've just started getting into the english ales -
    starting with a...

  • Posted in thread: English Barley Wine on 11-10-2010 at 07:03 AM
    Ok, I am brewing my Barley Wine. This is for an English Barley Wine. I have posted my recipe
    before but I have made adjustments based on your recommendations. I downsized the batch to fit
    my equipment...

  • Posted in thread: Hop Pellets - Strain the Wort? on 11-10-2010 at 06:53 AM
    When using hop pellets put them into fine mesh nylon bags.

  • Posted in thread: Whats the Closest Dry Yeast to WL007 on 11-10-2010 at 06:38 AM
    You know... I miss the days when White Labs sold WLP007 as dry yeast.

  • Posted in thread: house yeast? on 11-10-2010 at 06:33 AM
    anyone.....anyone.....bueller.....bueller...... The answer is yes. I recently posted a few
    videos on Chimay. In one of them there is an old man who has spent his life breeding yeasties.

  • Posted in thread: Bar Graduation Barleywine - suggestions ? on 11-07-2010 at 06:21 PM
    I am not a kit-brewing guy but they are good guides... Following the link shows the Northern
    Brewer recipe. EDIT: You might notice that they are assuming you have an 84% with this kit to
    hit the OG ...