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  • Hop filters at end of boil?
    Spike, any testing evaluation with leaf hops? Does whirlpool also work?We haven't done a lot
    with whole leaf hops. However we do have a few customers using the false bottom for whole leaf
    hops with go...

  • Hop filters at end of boil?
    That is interesting. Here is a recent picture of my first time using a new system with
    whirlpool. I didn't get the nice debris mound in the middle like you did. I'm not sure if my
    whirlpool was angled...

  • Hop filters at end of boil?
    We recommend creating a whirlpool for about 10mins after boiling (either with a pump or manual
    stirring) to control hop/trub material from going into the fermenter. We recommend using two of
    our side ...

  • Best Kettle for the Money (10-15 gal size)
    Thanks for the recommendations guys, means a lot coming from the community!! Their all 18
    gauge, gauge = thickness. Their all 1.25mm thick. While i do think generally overall yes a
    Spike is better "co...

  • Bru Gear Kettles
    Any welding? Does Spike now offer installation of back to back TC ferrules?We do not. We flange
    all fittings outward before welding. This gives a smooth transition from kettle to TC fitting.
    We also b...

  • Bru Gear Kettles
    I already have a 10 gal kettle & the 14 gal Profermenter so I asked Phil for a cost on 2 15 gal
    Gen 2 kettles with additional fittings (just like the electric versions of Gen 1). It's been 2
    months no...

  • Views on Kettle Screens
    We did a lot of testing before our new kettle launch on whirlpooling. We've had awesome results
    with our new whirlpool setup. Below is a recent test using 8oz of pellet hops and a 10min
    whirlpool. The...

  • Edelmetall Brü Kettle - any owners?
    If you're looking for a welded option we offer custom welding if you need a additional port AND
    all of our standard kettles can have a side pickup tube installed into the top port for a
    whirlpool port...

  • Typical Costs for Welded Fittings
    Our motives will be deemed suspect because you sell welded pots and I sell weldless fittings.
    The truth is that the market for both products exist with or without our warnings. I will
    continue to hear...

  • Typical Costs for Welded Fittings
    TIG welded without back purging. Welding two similar tubes is very different than welding a
    thick coupler to much thinner SS sheet metal. Again we have seen too many botched weld jobs and
    people comin...