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  • Posted in thread: Using Oregon Red Tart Cherries on 05-23-2016 at 12:18 PM
    As mentioned 6 years ago, the cherries and water packing are pasteurized, so no worries about
    infection. 2 cans in 5 gallons of beer won't be very tart in my experience. If you want to make
    a sour you...

  • Posted in thread: Using Oregon Red Tart Cherries on 05-22-2016 at 09:24 PM
    I have beer going now that I dumped two cans of Oregon Tart cherries. I heard two of these in
    wheat beer beer can make it kriek-like. I'm making banana-cherry beer that I want like a pseudo
    belgian so...

  • Posted in thread: Donkey Kong - Strong Ale. on 05-22-2016 at 07:20 PM
    Donkey Kong has simmered down. Gonna rack to wood chips soon to get that barrel aged flavor

  • Posted in thread: Throwing a banana or banana puree into the primary on 05-22-2016 at 06:46 PM
    I have a beer with 5 lbs of banana, peels and all, with 2 lbs of tart cherry fermenting right
    now.Dubbed Donkey Kong. It's a 1.085 amped up fat tire that's been fruited.

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking now? on 05-20-2016 at 10:43 AM
    Summit smash beer.

  • Posted in thread: Mt. Rainer hops? on 05-20-2016 at 10:36 AM
    german beers are good with my rainier. APA, hoppy lager, Robust Porter maybe, dark lager, black
    ale, hard root beer, Rye Ale.... even a holiday ale, if used for aroma only.It definitely
    smelled good!

  • Posted in thread: Heileman's Special Export - 70's Retro Beer - Extract & All Grain on 05-20-2016 at 10:33 AM
    [quote=Stove_Pipe;7567884]Sorry, forgot to update. Very crisp and refreshing, love the Golden
    Promise. The only reason it looks cloudy in the pic is due to condensate on the glass, very
    clear. Can't ...

  • Posted in thread: Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped) on 05-19-2016 at 03:53 AM
    One question I had was that the beer was a little hazy when I was bottling. Maybe the yeast got
    stirred up a bit. I was wondering of yours is really clear when you bottle/keg or does it
    typically not ...

  • Posted in thread: Mt. Rainer hops? on 05-18-2016 at 10:52 PM
    Making this tonight! Lil'Vienner

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Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. - Dale Carnegie On Tap; Heileman's Special Export, Patriot Ale 2, Cenosillicaphobiac - 3. BS Nano-Brewery |Myeast 50327|Easy Hop Oast|Smoked Homebrew|
July 18, 2008  •  03:09 AM
He who drinks beer gets drunk.

He who gets drunk goes to sleep.

He who sleeps does not sin.

So lets drink and go to heaven!!!
July 18, 2008  •  11:24 AM
Work is the curse of the drinking class! - Oscar Wilde
July 26, 2008  •  03:40 PM
Sin boldly that grace may abound!
July 26, 2008  •  10:32 PM
What liver??? I thought it was only affected by hard liquour and cholesterol drugs...??
August 2, 2008  •  07:14 AM
Bong ong, at least we have the opprutunity to craft our own beer the way we like it, cheers!
August 7, 2008  •  03:13 AM
You're my wife's favorite beer!
August 16, 2008  •  08:45 PM
Never truer words were spoken, lol.
August 16, 2008  •  08:47 PM
Love the apfelwein video!!!
November 30, 2008  •  12:01 AM
My wife keeps hounding me about drinking more water. I told her that beer is 85% water and 15% love... how the hell could I possibly be dehydrated from that? I must not be drinking enough!
November 30, 2008  •  12:04 AM
My wife keeps hounding me about drinking more water. I told her that beer is 85% water and 15% love... how the hell could I possibly be dehydrated from that? I must not be drinking enough! Then I said... maybe I need to see Schlenkerla for the appropriate mixture.
March 23, 2009  •  11:55 PM
Semper Fi!
March 10, 2010  •  10:01 PM
Sorry...I didn't see this earlier...I totally agree...
February 11, 2011  •  05:35 PM
Originally Posted by Revvy

Then that means dumping your beer because you think it's bad is tantamount to abortion! And as Big Kahuna says, drinking a beer too soon is tatamount to beer pedophilia...