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  • Oslo, Norway
  • Homebrewing (of course),music production,consuming the fruits of my labour...
  • Sort of a wine merchant at Vinmonopolet (state monopoly strong beer, wine and spirits outlet)
  • Reggae, Hip Hop, Techno, (Detroit!!!) and house (Chicago!!!)
  • Too much to mention
  • I dont have a TV and dont watch it. Yeah, Im crazy.
  • Bukowski, Hunter Thompson and Ingvar Ambjrnsen
  • DFH 60 min IPA
    Lake Walk Pale Ale
    Beamish style Dry Stout
  • Cascade Pale Ale
  • Dunkelweizen
  • St. Peters style Best Bitter
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  • Posted in thread: Dunkelweizen: roasted grain vs. decoction, wheat malts on 09-27-2011 at 06:35 AM
    I used 1 oz of chocolate malt in a 5 gallon batch and I think that was way too noticeable. I'm
    thinking about doing one with just 60% wheat and 40% Munich or maybe Munich and Vienna and
    decoction. I d...

  • Posted in thread: Ranco wiring 240V on 07-04-2011 at 12:27 PM
    I am going to wire one for 240v soon as well. What hole(s) on the upper right junction box does
    the hot wire and bypass wire go into? I guess the hot wire goes in the one that says 240v...
    And what ho...

  • Posted in thread: How To: Ranco Two Stage ETC Wiring Instructions on 07-04-2011 at 11:47 AM
    Does anybody have an idea on whether I have to wire the Ranco differently for using it with
    240v in Europe? Can't seem to find any info on that...

  • Posted in thread: Red Dragon IPA on 09-20-2010 at 09:41 AM
    Thanks for the input! I might go with Simcoe then... Are there any commercial brews I could
    pick up that use both Amarillo and Simcoe together that you like to give me an idea.I believe
    that Dogfish H...

  • Posted in thread: Red Dragon IPA on 09-19-2010 at 02:13 PM
    I am very interested in brewing this looks fantastic and you have done a great job
    formulating this recipe! Just look at all these great comments!I was wondering.... How would a
    dry hoppi...

  • Posted in thread: Red Dragon IPA on 06-02-2010 at 09:57 PM
    Looks like a nice recipe! Love that Amarillo. But it seems to me that the recipe might be a bit
    easy on the IBUs. I don't know, but you'll maybe score even better in a competition if you bump
    it up by...

  • Posted in thread: Trappist Westmalle Dubbel / Tripel Recipes on 10-28-2009 at 12:01 PM
    Looks like a nice clone to me. Would have been cool to brew these two side by side and have a

  • Posted in thread: Trappist Westmalle Dubbel / Tripel Recipes on 09-04-2009 at 01:38 PM
    The BYO clone (tripel) is:12.75 lbs. pilsner malt2 lbs clear candi sugar1.9 oz styrians (5%)
    60min.75 oz tettnanger (4%) 15min.75 oz saaz (4%) 5min1.2 cups priming sugar (corn)Mash in at
    131'F and ram...

  • Posted in thread: Trappist Westmalle Dubbel / Tripel Recipes on 09-04-2009 at 01:23 PM
    hmmm that sounds deadlyAs far as I know, what you wanna do with this beer is adding some sugar
    during fermentation, so the starting gravity won't be so high. Besides, these yeastscan handle
    quite a lo...

  • Posted in thread: Trappist Westmalle Dubbel / Tripel Recipes on 09-03-2009 at 04:32 PM
    Byo has a Westmalle Tripel clone in the 150 clones mag. Not sure how good it is, though. They
    have listed another wyeast yeast than the one that supposedly derives from westmalle (wyeast
    trappist high...

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